When you fail,

shailesh agarwal (professional accountant)   (7642 Points)

13 January 2009  

 When you fail,



He who considers too much will perform little”

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts”

                                                                                                          - Winston Churchill


How true when we look at success not being final. There never really is a moment when one can with any assurance say that their success is final. Be it in business or in any profession,

 Every day is a struggle for survival. To do better to improve to reach acceptability to succeed.

But having got there, no guarantee that it shall sustain or not require care and consideration and attention.

And failure. Never fatal.

 How can it be, when failure is never the final destination.

Yes, the courage to continue is what counts.

Because when you continue, you open the possibilities of success. You open the possibilities of overcoming the failure of the past.

When you fail, you reach the bottom of the ladder symbolically. But as you look up you see the rest of the ladder and its steps. Those are the steps where we need to go and climb, to move higher. And this will never happen if we do not put in the courage to try and continue. When we shall resign ourselves to failure we compel ourselves to believe that those steps above us are insurmountable. But how can we ever decide on it unless we try to climb them. So keep try again and again until you not suceeded