What type of trademark, copyright, or other IPs are advisable following products for export business

mack (Thinking-to-start-business)   (154 Points)

15 November 2022  

1.    What type of trademark, tradename, copyright, or other IPs are advisable for the following types of products for export business?
    1)    Handicraft artwork involve design using Ceramics, glass or rubber toys and wooden furniture
    2)    Agro fertilizers & pesticides
    3)    Kitchen utensils
    4)    Artificial jewelry, artificial gems
    5)    Garments

2.    Do I need to take a trademark at the first place if selling through export for the above type of products? 
I don’t have enough money and somehow I have to start an export business at a very small level so if possible then I would like to avoid buying an expensive trademark for a few months or years. Is there any problem not buying a trademark when a person is just starting a business and doesn’t have enough money?

I believe following could be the reason to buy a trademark: -

    1)    If other registered company copies my product artwork/design and then claim that I copied their product because they already have a trademark but I don’t
    2)    If accidentally/co-incidentally what I am selling is similar to the other company's product and they have registered trademarks for that product, then they can file a suit against me.
    3)    Buyers will not have the confidence or relies on the product not having any identity with a Logo or trademark.


But still, if it is feasible to avoid buying a trademark for a few months or years as I am just starting a business with less money then please advise me accordingly.