What sort of repititive experience we get durin articlesip

Sushant Lohani (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (1051 Points)

17 May 2008  

I have been doing articleship for the last two months and till now i have got competitive and hard stuff as work. That is good for learning.

Once, a teacher and CA in our coaching said that "Now, you all are happy; when you go to some office for office; they give you honor; bring coffee and snacks for you and yu audit the purchase,cash,bank books and vouchers.But , what after one year? You will be doin the same thing again and again and this time you will be bored." He was teaching Labour Turnover Ratio at that time and he asked the students "Have you ever asked things like Labor turn..ratio to the office accountant where u r auditing; he will be clueless."

That sent my brain reeling. True in some sense. When i see some of the seniors "completion of articleship" form; all of them have ticked mark their "Auditing and Taxation" part. But there are many areas too written down in the form. Till now, in firms where students of my coaching classes work; i think all's firms have the same thing.

instead of doing the same purchase book,cach book, etc (thank god , my firm will provide me more exposure even in the two field than the other firms) for 3.5 years (going outstations, skipping coaching classes); why aren't students given the opportunities to get exposure in those remaining fields also:
A)Financial and Management Accounting
B)Management services
C)Info. Tech.
D)Secondment Exchange

And ICAI brags about giving stiff competition to the MBAs. One would generally think, that CAs despite having vast knowledge are lagging behind even MBAs (from not so big insititutions; forget iim) just because they are not having soft skills.

I think fist, one should change the system of articleship for good;we get only theoritical education thru the modules; but what about its day 2 day use at our field(Recall the example of LTR).
firstly, we have to get over the illusion that we are lacking only soft skills like MBAs.WE HAVE TO GET PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT WE LERAN TOOOO; not just learn, give pcc and final; and forget after3 months from exams