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What about those 90%.

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pawan gupta (article) (216 Points)
Replied 17 July 2013

hmmmm asa bhi hota hai kya?? result or ppr me kuch aur??

Ankit Madhogarhia (Pursuing Final) (531 Points)
Replied 17 July 2013

yes pawan ..i saw it  ..but marks will be more than what they appear in Paper

CS Alok Mishra (Income Tax Practitioner)   (781 Points)
Replied 17 July 2013

@ Ankit Madhogarhia...

You can only find that you got grace marks but you will never find that your marks appeared in marksheet is lower than in copies.

This is what people call manipulation.

If they have that much guts to provide our copies then why dont they show us the Marks providing pattern (which is provided only to examiners for reviewing the copies) with copies. Will they allow us to verify my original copies instead of xeroxed?? No they will never do that.  If i take  permission, will they show copies of a few those guys who had secured atleast 20 more marks than me?? Still no..

I appreciate your respect to ICAi rather i also do the same and for everybody's kind info , as i dont have any proof regarding what i said above..i can say that i may be wrong and its my own perception.


Take Care

pawan gupta (article) (216 Points)
Replied 17 July 2013

ohhho....tough yaar mtlb sab kismat ka khel hai..... some body i heard ki result centrewise bhi hota hai..!

CS Alok Mishra (Income Tax Practitioner)   (781 Points)
Replied 17 July 2013

@ Pawan Gupta..

You never know ki kya kab hoga ..... Maine bhi suna hai aisa apne seniors se aur kuch Board members se but as usual due to lack of any strong proof, u cant blame or say anything to giant Institute like ICAI.

Bas apna kam to hai padhna aur Rs. 2250 dekar Exam dena, nothing else.


I will say ki njoy your lyf. Sirf padhai k chakkar me pura lyf kharab hokar rakha hai.



pawan gupta (article) (216 Points)
Replied 17 July 2013

haan yaar iska matlb........yaar 6 mnths only dreaming....yaar ur Cs kya alok...mai bhi CS complete hai...want to do lttle gud job??

CS Alok Mishra (Income Tax Practitioner)   (781 Points)
Replied 17 July 2013

Yes Mr. Pawan. I am qualified CS but still unemployed. Not completed training so cant get Membership No .

Its better to talk these in PM.

Replied 17 July 2013

i think i m d first student who r got the marksheet through RTI............i don't know about thses is true....but i got in 2011...............................i shock when i see that nothing care taken while checking......u never look atleast any comment....its just like audit..-tic tic tic-zero marks, 

tic tic tic-1 marks,

tic tic tic-2 marks, 

even if tic tic tic-then also no marks........whts dis mean to understand...............................


even i have seen that M.com degree holder is checking our paper.......................and some firm articles are putting the total outside the coloum.........i can;t say the name of CA but if ICAI ask personally   then i tell whole story..


i have also mail of YOU TUBE that CA PAPER CHECK IN LOCAL TRAIN....and just one branch is reply to me..........

YOU CAN ALSO SEE IN YOU TUBE ABOVE VIDEO...................................


pawan gupta (article) (216 Points)
Replied 17 July 2013

omg ...i saw...how she was checking.......n woh bhi without question pprs...what see was looking.....n ticking....n is this is our Exams Results...shocking???

Replied 17 July 2013

just spread this issue...otherwise good student is back.......and the dump who is just read theory and pass...........its not fair........b.coz many of high scorer practicle knowledge is zero..


i have 1 exmple also...that  before 6 years one ranker of icai is got job in IBM company with 32 lakhs , & within 1 year company is remove that CA b.coz he can;t done 1 journal entry also.........

when icai asks him about thses issue he is said i was a  dummy article.

Ankit Madhogarhia (Pursuing Final) (531 Points)
Replied 17 July 2013

HIral Patel ,

Very shocking to know about this issue..

I request you to post the same in Esahayataa once along with the video link



Anubhav (Student) (589 Points)
Replied 18 July 2013

Rule#1 Do not doubt yourself.

Rule#2 Do not doubt your parents and teachers.

Rule#3 Do not doubt the person who is certifying you, you got to accept their decision with a blindly.(there are others to take care of this)

Rule#4 Listen to the hints given by seniors and institute through publications etc.

Rule#5 Be supergood in a subject in each group and almost supergood in one subject of each group.

Rule#6 You do not deserve to be called a CA, if you are not the best in Financial Reporting, Direct Taxes and to some extent in Costing and SFM.

I failed too and I know the reason that I have given to examiner to fail me.

Some of you who are wondering about malpractise talk to students of UPSC and how they feel about interview stage.

The malpractise may be/may not be, but 18%passed in 2nd group and I should have too.

We give exam to show the examiner that we know everything inside out and when I am waiting for result I tend not to wait altogether.

CS Alok Mishra (Income Tax Practitioner)   (781 Points)
Replied 18 July 2013

@ Anubhav..

Brother u have made your own rules and its good if you follow them. But its totally disgusting to say that one has no capability to be a CA if he/she is not good in FR,SFM,DT& Cost.

Its nothing hi-fi to be a CA. If ICAI gives us a fair result then %age will be 70%+ always but due to the credibility and marketibility of the CA course, they dont do that. I accept the fact and not against it but just because of some other facts, its not good to say that u do not deserve to be a CA if u are not good in those stated subjects by you.

You have not given examiner reasons to make you fail but some worst checkers have given such reasons to make us feel what you are feeling now.

Have faith in corruption , it will take us towards the mountain of success.

Replied 18 July 2013

i just give a details communication with president

1-from me to icai

 hiral patel
to:  president @ icai.org,
 vicepresident @ icai.in,
 karthikeyan @ icai.in,
 secretary @ icai.org,
 exam @ icai.org
date:  Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 5:30 PM
subject:  CA paper check in local train
mailed-by:  gmail.com
Dear Sir,

Some Last few on you tube, facebook, and caclubindia sharing the video of CA answer paper check in local train.

i have seen the video or some what this is ca exam answer sheet.....video clarity is not good but you can imagine this is the ca answer sheet.

i have not real idea what is actually happened but you can do something on it if this is true.

if it is true than it is very bad for ca student bright futures.............................

YOU can watch this video on below link

YouTube - Videos from this email
2-from icai to me

ubodh K Agrawal
to:  hiral patel
cc:  "president @ icai.org" ,
 "karthikeyan @ icai.in" ,
 "secretary @ icai.org" ,
 "exam @ icai.org"
date:  Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 7:57 PM
subject:  Re: CA paper check in local train
Dear Patel
Thanks for the information
Ca subodh

Sent from my iPhone
3-from me to icai-reply
hiral patel
to:  Subodh K Agrawal
cc:  "president @ icai.org" ,
 "karthikeyan @ icai.in" ,
 "secretary @ icai.org" ,
 "exam @ icai.org"
date:  Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 10:09 AM
subject:  Re: CA paper check in local train

Dear Sir,

its most welcome to you all that you have taken seriously this issue.

its my pleasure to receive your thanks.

Please inform me if possible that any steps is taken for this issue.






CS Alok Mishra (Income Tax Practitioner)   (781 Points)
Replied 18 July 2013

@ Hira Patel..

I know better all these reality.

I know two senior checkers.

First one, about 3 years ago, i had evidenced that he had given the copies of CA final to his three articles who had just cleared CPT and checker had provided them one copy already signed by him. He did not given them the hints provided to them by ICAI because he said that its only for checkers and it should be secret.

 Another one is the one who checks copies of IPCC & CWA-Final, gives his copies to his son who has done B.A.in English and perhaps completed his B.Ed.

I had raised this issues with some senior members who keeps good hold in lobby and they had promised to raise this issue in their meeting but nothing happened coz everyone is doing ths same except a few who are really genuine as i also know one of them.


Brother, we can just wait for our good fait. All depends on Luck + a few %age of study.

All the best to all of you.

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