We have to launch an agitation all across india

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)

28 March 2009  

Until we unite and jointly protest against this again adding advantage to CAs and those people whose "dady, mom, uncle, aunty, dad's cunning CA".

We have to protest as a union. Write to contesting candidates in LOK SABHA. and things like this should get media attention and we need their support.

I wont be suprised if agins after 6 months; the icai makes a new announcement " we give CA absolute power to article to his home and make him wash bartan, laundry, his chaddi".


I had thought a young person like Uttam agarwal shall be more pro-youth and be understanding. He has proved me wrong and stabbed our career. no problem with the rule relating "work book"; except that everything is pukable.