Wat r new proce. from icai 2 catch dumy n how to fool icai

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)

21 April 2009  

Recently , i overheard a top icai official telling his  friend when his friend asked,"how will you find whether a student is genuine or dummy"? He says," We hae proper steps in our systemto find out that."

I was suprised and thought that he was boasting. Een if we see the latest rules;they hae said that the latest work book to be mandatorily maintained by the student can be called anytime by the icai." but will that catch whether a student  is dummy. The CA who has gien the dummy articleship will surely help him/her(mostly) to fill up the worksheet and sign it b4 submitting to the icai. And i don't think its possible for icai wale to conduct raids as

a) there are thousands of students scattered over many firms in many cities

b) icai have other impp work like initing that glutton minister of Corp. affairs, lalau[prasad ,etc for their functions.

So, all students should try to research on this matter to find out what are ICAI's latest plans are and after what is happening after march 27; i will surely try to  help dummy friends how to stay safe from icai.

They are lucky; aren't they?