CMA KNVV Sri Vidya - Sri Kanth (C.A.Final (New) ICWAI FINAL (New))   (11264 Points)

14 August 2010  



LOVE  is wen mom

" gives a hug & a kiss on ur forehead,

wen ur upset and says " dont worry dear ... everything ll be fine "


LOVE is when dad says

" I m proud of u my dear "


LOVE is when brother says

" Hey sis i have seen a guy for u "


LOVE is wen my sister says while doin my work

" after my marriage who'll do ur work ?"


LOVE is wen i am fed up with studies and a frnd comes n say

" Leave it darling ... v ll cleat it "


LOVE is wen ur spouse says

" no mattter wat , I will always b wit u ... ! "


LOVe doesnt always mean saying " I LOVE YOU "  

Its a feeling of love and care4 sum 1 from d heart 


May you be blessed with such LOVE !!!!!!!!