Wait for ICAI results and do not panic!!!

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06 May 2011  

Dear All,


This is my second attempt to share something useful in the form of this Article. I’m sharing the below piece of advice because I believe in it. Hoping that the suggestion mentioned below would help some student to realise something useful and help them to form a bit mature opinion about how to handle the on-going exam session.


As we are aware that CA May 2011 exams are going on and students are doing their best to handle the exam stress. But the only difference is that some of the student finding exams a bit smooth as compared to other students.  But that doesn’t mean that the effort of anyone is less. Everyone is trying to put his/her best as far as exams are concerned. So in this way it is our responsibility to encourage and appreciate their efforts.


Now let me come to the point. On this site I have observed that some of the student got depressed just because one of the exam/paper went bad. But friends this is not the right approach. Now let me share my view point on this issue.


During exam time the best advice to be followed is to just “move with the flow”. I mean give one paper with 100% efforts and prepare for the next with equal enthusiasm. Performance in one paper should not be the sole criteria to depress you or cheer you up. Do not lose your concentration at any cost. If you continue to judge your efforts negatively based on performance in one exam than that would be really unfair to you. So I would suggest you to give your 100% throughout your exam without any high expectation.


I would further suggest you to do not be judgemental and just do your work with utmost sincerity and commitment. Let ICAI evaluate the exam sheet and come up with the results.


Sachin Tendulkar Approach (STA) for on-going exam session


As suggested by the heading above it is quite visible that we are going to talk about our roll model Sachin Tendulkar. Try and observe him. Be like Sir Sachin Tendulkar as every game is a new game for him with new efforts, fresh net practice and a whole new attitude and commitment. For him there is no need to keep depressing performance of last game while preparing for the next game. Every game is important to succeed in life and career.


According to me somewhere same approach would surely help us to excel in our field. We must realise that our success and vision is based on our way of thinking which in turn may be negative or positive as decided by us. So we should remain neutral to our previous good or bad performance. However there is no harm to inspire yourself from your past good work but there is no point of creating negative energy just because of slight negative or down performance.    


So we must observe the approach followed by Sir Sachin Tendulkar i.e. just move with the flow and do not let the bad performance in previous paper affect the next paper. Well again I’d like to mention that this is my personal opinion because I personally feel that there is no logic affecting your preparation for next exam just because your last exam went wrong.


Well that’s it from my side. I’d like to wish all the CA Aspirants good luck for Exam.



Best Regards

Richank Garg