Very Usefull Google Shortcuts

Nilesh Jain (Assistant Manager) (1064 Points)

09 March 2011  

Use Google Shortcuts


Quickly get a definition by typing the following in the Google search box:  define:word    <-- Click to try!
Calculate something by entering
a calculation in the search box, e.g.:
Convert units, e.g.:
From pounds to kilos, type:  155 lbs in kg 
From meters to inches:  2.3 m in in 
From miles per hour to
kilometres per hour:
 60 mph in kph 
From Fahrenheit to Celsius:  87 F in C 
Get flight arrivals and departures
by entering flight numbers, e.g.:
Get almost any city's local time:  local time cityname 
Get stock prices by entering ticker symbols: