Validating Bank account on E filling data

Shailesh Patel (21 Points)

06 August 2021  

I am uanble to validate Bank account data on Income tax portal 26 AS Data. 

Account holder and assesses Name is same in PAN card , Aadhaar Card and Bank account data.

 Even though 26 AS Income portal  is not validating the bank account for refund &  showing Status and massages as belows:

"Account Holder name invalid".

"Refund cannot be credited on account with status 65. please add valid bank account. EVC cannot be unable for this account". 

Please advice what is the meaning of this massage and what should be corrective action according to this massage to validate the account.

Grievance raised on income tax portal  but still unanswered after 15  days. 

Upon return filing Refund will not came.

Please advice.