Using sec 54F to purchase two residential houses with a gap of an year

Shaun (Software Engineer) (1 Points)

07 June 2023  


I recently sold some company ESOPs worth 3.5 CR (FY 23-24). The ESOPs were granted at different times say 1000 in 2016, 1000 in 2017, 1000 in 2018. Now I sold 500 of the stocks granted in 2016 for 50 lakhs in one trade and the remaining 2500 for 3CR in another trade.

I am in the process of buying a residential property for self-use for about 2.5 CR and use sec. 54F to claim exemption on capital gains corresponding to 2.5 CR for FY 23-24

So now I am left 1CR worth of net consideration and corresponding capital gains.

As I understand I can buy a second house after a gap of one year (FY-24-25) and claim exemption on it under sec. 54F. However, I am not sure if I can use the partial 1CR remaining amount for this. If I can, I will deposit this amount in Capital gains scheme account for a period of one year. 

If I cannot, I plan to invest 50L in sec. 54 EE specified asset and claim exemption on it under sec. 54 EE and pay capital gains on remaining 50L. Hope I can use 54EE in addition to 54F.


Please help understand, if the above two options are possible for tax saving. Thanks!