Using Brain is prohibited

Amir (Learner) (4016 Points)

10 February 2010  
Using ur brain is strictly prohibited..............
Q - U r in aboat in middle of river. u have 2 candles & have 2 light any 1 candle...u don't have anything with u in the boat????
A -
Take 1 candle & through it in the water, so the boat will become "LIGHTER" & using that "LIGHTER" u can light the other candle...
Another deadly answer -
U through the candle up & catch it, now u know catches win "MATCHES", so using this "MATCHES" u can light the candle...
Now if that wasn't enough there is one more -
Take water in ur hand & drop it drop by drop (TIP -TIP), Now u know "tip -tip barsa pani, pabi ne AAG lagai, aur us AAG se candle jalai................." 
Achcha yeh last hai -
Start praising 1 candle, the other one will get jealous & get automatically "LIGHTED UP"
This is our education style of answering , logic ho na ho length honi chahiye......:)))