urgent help in cost n fm??

lakshay (ipcc) (581 Points)

11 February 2011  

hiii friends...i am risabh ..my attempt is in may 2011..just 2 .5 months barely left....i am giving both the grps...

i feel that i can do all the subjects except cost and fm....ohhh god..who made this subject ..when ever i do any oder subject i feel confident  and enjoy it but when ever i think of doing cost n fm i feel scared..i dont have any confidence in this subject ..i want to totally avoid but its ca and i want to get more thn 40 marks in this subject too...what shud i do??

i know that u guys wud say that focus on concepts..but i dont think that i am learning cost n fm..like suppose in marginal costing ..i knw d concepts..pata hain what is fixed,semivariable  and all that but in questions i dont knw question kahan se start kare...in some questions we do something else...when ever i do any question i hav to actually see the answer just to make sure that am i doing right ...and almost 99% i am wrong

its soooo tough....pls help me .i have ashish kalra book.i have taken cost n fm classses but as u can see i am a big dumbo in this subject ..pls help me
is cost n fm all about practice , practice n practice
if i practice this subject everyday 2 hours , is it enough???or i shud devote more time on this subject