Umesh Jog -Clarifications and no ENEMITY

Srnivas Rao (Accountant) (42 Points)

26 October 2007  

Dear Friends,

Fair enough for buying or not buying the story. The matter is being forwarded to Mrs. Vandana Nagpal (Secretary, Disciplinary Committee). Also, the names of the Ca who were taken for ride are:

Mr. Sunit Dev : CA at Pen (Joint Bank Account was operated with him)

Mr. Sunit Dev was the Principal of Mr. Umesh Jog.


Check for various CPT books available under Jog Publications at book shops mentioning his degree as CA.


Contact :


Mr. Sunit Dev : 09373710266 (duped by Jog)

Mr. Mukund Vaishampatan CA at Panvel : 9820771178 (Jog duped his client)

Prof Durvi : 09920013401 (Jog signed for her family members)

There is no enemity.