Treatment of invoice in GSTR9

Sanjeev Sharma (9 Points)

27 August 2021  


Please guide me for the following

(I) One invoice with output tax liability of Rs 36000/- was shown in gstr1 for December2020,But after that this invoice was cancelled and not shown in 3B for the m/o Dec2020

No credit note has been given for this invoice in 2020-21

My Question is

(I) Treatment of this invoice in filling GSTR9 FOR 2020-21(Which table of GSTR9)

(ii) Should I give credit note of this invoice while filling GSTR1 For the m/o August2021

(iii) Will I have to pay this outward tax while filling GSTR9 for 2020-21

Thanks and regards

Sanjeev Sharma