To regulate pass % :- CA regulations act 1988 section 39(2).

Amit Ingale (Student CA Final) (1454 Points)

05 February 2010  

An extract from the CA Regulations Act... Which entitles the institute to regulate the pass percentage.. .

CA regulations act 1988 section 39(2) it is read as follows:

The council may in its discretion revise the marks obtained by all candidates in particular paper or all the papers or in the aggregate in such a manner as may consider necessary, FOR MAINTAINING THE PASS PERCENTAGE AS PROVIDED IN THESE REGULATIONS.

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The whole section reads as follows

(1) (a) A list of candidates declared successful at each examination shall be published.

(b) The names of candidates obtaining distinction in the examination shall be indicated in the list.

(c) Every candidate shall be individually informed of his result.

(2) The Council may, in its discretion, revise the marks obtained by all candidates or a section of candidates in any particular paper or papers or in the aggregate in such manner as may be considered necessary, for maintaining the standards of pass percentage provided in these Regulations.

Explanation. -The term "section" used in this sub-regulation refers to the category of the candidates whose answer papers are valued by an examiner and such other category of candidates as may be specified by the Council.(3) A candidate who passes at one sitting an examination with seventy per cent of the total marks for all the papers for that examination shall be considered to have passed the examination with distinction.

Explanation. -For the purpose of reckoning the seventy per cent marks mentioned in this sub-regulation, any fractions of half or more shall be rounded upto the next whole number.(4) (i) Information as to whether a candidate's answers in any particular paper or papers of any examination have been examined and marked shall be supplied to the candidate on his submitting within a month of the declaration of the result of the said examination, an application, accompanied by a fee of 1twenty rupees per paper subject to a maximum of 1fifty rupees.

(ii) The fee shall be only for verifying whether the candidate's answers in any particular paper or papers have been examined and marked, and not for the re-examination of the answers.

(iii) The marks obtained by a candidate in individual questions or in sections of a paper shall not be supplied.

(iv) If as a result of such verification, it is discovered that there has been either an omission to examine or mark any answer or answers or there has been a mistake in the totalling of the marks, the fee for verification shall be refunded in full to the candidate.

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