Tips to remember negative list in service tax

CA CS SUMIT GUDDEWAL (Employed) (297 Points)

27 January 2014  

How to remember the negative list  in Service tax.

Code is : Mr.GR is FAT, rolling on MAT after taking BEEER. IT is Terrific Fun.

Observe all capital letters and go through it.

G- Govt or local auth services R- RBI (by RBI)

F- Foreign diplomatic mission (by FDM)

A- Agriculture services

T-Trading of Goods

M- Manufacturing

A- Advertisement

T- Toll Services

B- Betting, gambling or lottery

E- Entertainment or amusement facilities

E- Electricity transmission

E- Education services

R- Renting

I- Interest or discount (and f.currency)

T- Transportation of passengers

T- Transportation of good

F- Funeral, Burial, Crematorium