26 October 2010  


Delhi gov banned blue line buses.

I know that some of us really agree that blue lines causing many accident but please see this-

1. almost 1600 buses banned this means- Approx 1600*2*2*3=19200 
perons will loose their earnings. 
Here 1600 buses,2 shifts daily, 2 person work in a bus and approx 3 family members attached to every such person.

2. Is d only blue line rspnsbl for accident- means what about accident by dtc, by drunkers, by rash drivers, bcoz of bad roads.

I m not against the thinking of gov but- Is it right policy to banned out a certain group without giving any substitute source of income.

The step of gov will increase crime..

If gov is not able to implement good traffic rules gov itself responsible for such.

Think once if the decision of gov correct- in future govt can banned ny particular community to hide its inefficieny.

plz comment