There are those who shy away from....

Abhijeet Deshpande (Co-Founder & Manager @ Tax-Yantra)   (1171 Points)

03 February 2011  


There are those who shy away from being,
However smart or talented, the leader,
Each eagerly behind the scenes, agreeing
Yet again to serve all those who need her.
Everyone is wary of such tension
As being in the spotlight must entail,
Reigning over chaos and dissension,
One who takes the blame when others fail.
For me it is impossible to think
That I for just one moment might be there --
Head of something headed for some brink,
Etched frozen in the flaashbulb's frigid glare.
Rabbits tend to run -- that's what they do,
Acting well only when well hidden.
Best if you know best what's best for you --
Better off the bidder or the bidden.
I know myself, and so can satisfy
The one backstage, on whom all else rely.