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The most read books for group 1

espionage (human being...) (769 Points)

05 July 2013  

Hello guyz,

my attempt is in nov and i have yet to start studying and i am searching for the best books for group 1.
Fellow students are suggesting different books and i am not able to come to an outcome.
help wud be appriciated
Students have also suggested not to read munish bhandari and surbhi bansal for law and audit respectively coz the are too concise and i will hang around the 40 marks borderline after reading them.

have also looked thru the threads but cud not get a clear picture.

i humbly request all the respected seniors to please guide me :)


 29 Replies

Akash (CA Final (2nd Group Pending))   (876 Points)
Replied 05 July 2013

Your friends are absolutely misguiding you.Munish Bhandari is Imo best book in law.Read Surbhi Basal the book is concise and you can do 2-3 readings which is more than sufficient. Accounts- Praveen Sharma Law- Munis Bhandari Cost FM- Padhuka Tax-Manoharan Audit- Surbhi Bansal It- Institute book Its important to study practice manual. and don't forget to buy and more important study latest rtp of your exam.

Nelli.pradeep kumar reddy (CA) (118 Points)
Replied 06 July 2013

my dear friend for information technology DINESH MADAN IS BEST IN MY KNOWLEDGE .



espionage (human being...) (769 Points)
Replied 06 July 2013

@ akash and nelli.. thx for suggestions . but i want books for ca final gp1, thats y i have posterd in the FINAL forum :).. u guys have suggested books for cost fm and it, which are in ipcc :)

so are munish bhandari and surbhi bansal books are effective as they were for ipcc???


espionage (human being...) (769 Points)
Replied 06 July 2013

any help wud go long way fellas :)


CA-AK (CA) (600 Points)
Replied 07 July 2013

My advise would go as follows.......

Accounts     praveen sharma sir

SFM              sanjay sarraf sir(i reffered but if u don't find go for other books)

Law               Munish bhandari sir(handbook)

Audit              Surbhi bansal mam

Don't forget to cover practice manual.

Time is very less remaining...start asap.

Varsha (Student) (1164 Points)
Replied 07 July 2013

I would suggest......

FR- Praveen Sharma

SFM- Rajesh Makkar

Audit- Surbhi Bansal

Law-  Munish Bhandari

Jithin (Learner) (1057 Points)
Replied 07 July 2013

Hi Espionage, Munish Bhandari I think is the only reference book for ca final(or at least grp 1) which u can say is self sufficient..For every other subject I am tempted to buy another reference book(which eventually I dont do for most subjects bcoz of cost factor) due to inadequacy of the the existing book in sme areas..that doesnt mean that the existing one is bad..It may be excellent but when u read u will think like wow what a book how perfect it would have been if it had covered this topic or contained better problems & so on..But u wont feel that about MB. I wont say it is a perfect book(but no book is perfect,rite) but it is relable & adequate. And it isnt at all concise(it contains more than 900 pages,then how can it be concise!). I think ur friends were referring to the MB handbook which is around 450 pages. But even that book isnt concise in the sense ur friends were saying. It is good enough to fetch u decent marks(many students are relying only on the handbook). Majority of the topics are covered well in  the handbook. If any topic isnt covered properly in the handbook, it is given as a footnote which mentions that for detailed analysis u shld refer the main book. The handbook is in tabular form & contains flowcharts as well. I think it will be very useful at the time of revision. But I still think u should buy the main book. For topics like directors, the main book first gives the bare act relevant to the particular section & then discusses the topic. This way it gives a better insight into the topic. Many would argue that it is a waste of time to read topics like directors from the main book(which is infinitely long) & better read from the handbook which covers almost everything except a very few areas & that too in half no of pages. It is a fact too..but I think u will be having a better idea about many issues by reading the main book than the handbook(especially if u hvnt attended any classes). But if u can afford both books, I will recommend both-that will be the best option.


Will share my opinion on the other books 2day evening or 2morrow(going thru sme serious health problems, so cant type for too long). Bye 4 now. 

espionage (human being...) (769 Points)
Replied 07 July 2013

@ anamika. thanku so much :)

@ varsha thanku :)

@ jithin ya even im thinking of settling on munish bandari sirs' hand book. but still have a doubt about the book for audit..ive heard about kamal sirs' book for audit, how is it any idea?... and get well soon buddy:)


Sabaresh (Credit Manager ) (199 Points)
Replied 07 July 2013

Hi dude,

I was in the same position of yours (searching for books) one year back... but got very good ones and cleared in nov 12 (lolz...)

So coming to the point, i would like to give the list and brief descripttion of each :


1. Financial Reporting :

M P Vijay Kumar Text Book + D.S.Rawat Accounting Standards

I have no idea about parveen sharma book. but the above book combination is damn worthy. Plz try to do Accounting standards from D.S.Rawat itself bcoz  of the excellent and precise concept with very good sums which will make u exam efficient.

And in Sanjiv Singhal (CCH Publications) , at the end of each A.S. , he has presented a comprehensive chart which will be useful for quick revision at short span of time and will be worthful for last minute studies. (Try to get xerox of 32 charts from a friend's book)


2. SFM 

Concept wise, i guess A.N.Sridhar Book will be the best. but the only problem with this book is , its too lengthy... so if u have attended any class of sfm, just follow those concepts and try to solve more sums. 

And i would like to suggest even these :

i. A.N.Sridhar Revision Book (released last year) - concept explained precisely and good sums

ii.Pattabhiram - This book is good at three concepts namely,l Derivatives , IFM & Portfolio Management . plz only concept problems here and not revision/practice sums here. they are not worthy.

And at any cost, make sure that , u solve practice manual 2-3 times since in exams, similar models are being asked. 


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Sabaresh (Credit Manager ) (199 Points)
Replied 07 July 2013

And coming to :

3. Auditing 

i would like to state that there are two good books:

i. Surabhi Bansal

ii. V.K.Agarwal - A.S.Foundation

i personally followed Surabhi Bhansal .  i loved the text,grammar and presentation in it. And i got 53 marks (Hope its above the line of 40 as stated by your friends !!!)


4. And then , finally Law

undoubtedly, Munish Bhandari takes the upper hand in this subject.. needless to say, those guys who do self-study , would prefer munish bhandari itself.

And plz dont go for hand book as , in allied laws , there are some concepts missing such as sebi guidelines..

So go for Munish Bhandari Main book (Best word publications)..this would be fine for you.. i have friends who got 60+ in law following this book.

And ha, for all the subjects, kindly go through Practice Manual questions atleast once to know the pattern of questions the insti is asking in the examinations.

 All d Best...

Do well... 

Remember, its a good move by you by taking time to deciding upon the book . And once you freeze upon the selected books, dont look back and go ahead...

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espionage (human being...) (769 Points)
Replied 07 July 2013

@ sabaresh  a big big thx man... u r helpin me a lot... 
i just cant decide for the audit book.... between surbhi bansal and vk aggarwal


Amjum (Accountant) (89 Points)
Replied 07 July 2013

Hi Esp

FR (including AS)- Vijayakumar+Practice Manual+RTP for last 3 chances

SFM-Pattabhi & SD Bala+Practice Manual+RTP for last 3 chances

Auditing-Surabhi Bansal+Practice Manual+RTP for last 3 chances

CLAL-Munish bandari+Practice Manual+RTP for last 3 chances

This is the method I followed and I got  FR-69, SFM-60, Auditing-51 & Law 59 in last November attempt

Best Wishes to you,





Ki$hor B (Training & Advisory) (3015 Points)
Replied 07 July 2013

Hi Esp.,

 For Audit, try the book of Dr. Urvish shah. Shall be available by 15th of this month.

 Law: Check the  notes of Jayaraman sir. They cover almost all the aspects of

both Company & allied laws.

espionage (human being...) (769 Points)
Replied 07 July 2013

@ amjum and kishoreB thx guys :)


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