The effective Guide for achieving CA , Dont miss it


14 April 2009  


There are various reasons for failure to CA course. First reason may be underestimation or over estimation of the course. Not working well for the course.
If you think that CA course is very difficult one and clearing the same also difficult, then you may be found very difficult to clear. It is called the over estimation. If you think that the course is easy it is called over estimation. In both of the cases productivity of the staff may be affected.
Solution. Estimate the course right way. The course may be competitive but it is achievable.
Study method
 Method of study has a critical role for clearing CA. firstly we are not devoting our 100% attention when we solve the problems or studying theory.  So concentration is the first key thing. There are many things which may affect the concentration. Interruption by family members, sound produced by the T V, Etc.
Problem with weaker subject.
If you find difficulties with the problem papers or any theory papers found boring or difficult, it will take your good productive hours. Correction of the weaker subject should have to be done. Most students were found difficult in getting the mark in such subject.
What is effective method?
First you should understood the syllabi and also know which area is more relevant and which is not, where to give more focus, You can get all such information’s from scanners and suggested answers. Do focus with syllabi.
Buy 6 note books for each of your subject. The most effective method of study is writing. . In case of theory first you should read with full focus and try to understand the things then try to write note. Note writing is to be done carefully containing the main things. You have your own way to make the notes, but the effective notes shall be point wise and each point may have heading and sub heading and logical manner. If you carefully prepared it will be your asset at the time of second round studies and the day before your exam. If the input given in the notes are inferior then it can generate the inferior out put so is careful regarding the notes.
For accounts and costing the concepts play a major role try to understand the concepts at the grass root level
Buy the best and good books available in the market and keep your materials as reference book.Dont get back of any shortcut notes, if you go search of such notes one thing is sure it is spoiling your creativity.
Carrying the bulky tasks.
In some cases, I have found that students just have 10 month or 12 month for the Exam, (we can tell MAY2010) and just started their studies. Even not know the subject well and studying the both groups.  They are in hurry to write the both group and clear at their earliest. But these hurry people are the major victims for the accident.
What is happened that most of them fail both groups in aggregates? There are no difficulties in Achieving the minimum 40 mark but the thin margin of 10 marks is the suicide point.  Studying both groups is not a mistake, it is not discouraging
 Plan for write both groups
So if you want to write both groups then if you have 12 month period you can get an average of 2 month per subject. Plan well, it is the major thing.  Take 5 month for group one and another 5 month for group two, the leave 2 month for revision. If you feel both groups are okay then go ahead, if you found difficulties with any papers don’t waste the time further to that during the last months keep focused on single group that you feel more convenient. During the last 2 month you have to cover the syllabi at two times for the exam.
Best plan for failure student.........
The main reason for failures is that they are not giving the required performance for the examiner. First change the strategy. If you fail by writing both group then switchover to single group. If you failing a particular subject it indicates your study method Is inferior. For theory study keeping notes and study by writing. For problems you have to go to grass root level of concepts and give the focus on frequently asked questions.
Try to make your presentation level good, as the first impression is the best impression. How to make the good presentation depends upon the way you understand the concepts and the way you keeping the notes.
So please conscious be courage’s and go ahead for the coming may and the November exam.