Thanks a ton for making me ladli of CCI

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24 November 2012  

Hi everyone ….. a very good morning to all to you…. Ahmm ..okay it’s not morning surprise…. Koi nacool …mere liye ye moment abhi kisi nayi subah se kam nahi hai.angel  waise ladli title was given to me by Harini di first ,...... but everyone proved this title  right. heartKal se mere chehre se smile nahi ja rahi ....

My feeling :-

It was 7.35 Pm yesterday was just browsing the caclubsite as usual.  Then saw the new list of featured articles from the beginning. And  Just returned to the page. Saw my pic on feature’s tab…. I was  stunned for  a moment . I thought I am featured member of caclub india for this month .. (The wow feeling came into my eyes !!!)

Hey wait … It’s not featured member … I am the favorite member of the club. My hands were shivering  and  my eyes got wet. I called my younger brother to watch the screen …. He said … stupid .. Why are you crying  … your hands are shaking …  A  big surprise was on my face and I couldn't even uttter a word .......

I wanna call my bade bhaiya myself …but my brother’s couldn’t resist his excitement. So he didn’t give me the cell ….. Okay … till then I had updated my status on Facebookcool. And after that called my lucky charms “ My di and my papa.heart They both  were so happy  and feeling so proud which I could sense from their voice. Then  I went downstairs  to let my mom know this precious moment . And she saw my pic and  blessed me. And in morning papa came and he even saw my pic on  the front page…….


And you know what  ….. The moment when you saw your parents smiling because of your success and feeling so proud upon you is the best moment of  life. And with God’s grace, I was feeling this precious moment.


Special thanks to God .....  Because when I made this profile ...I inserted the pic of my godess to make me remind everytime ... that I won't delete my id no matter what happens ...  coz  id del karte waqt wo pic bi del ho jayegi ...or aisa m kar ni paungi ... so thanks again to God for giving me this strength ... Ki maine caclub pe jab aana kam kar dia tha tab bhi id del nahi ki laugh I know ....I'm damn stupid  person with stupid logics .... but it's the way I am yes


My Journey

 My journey of CCI is very sweet and smooth. Everyone supported me from the very beginning. It   has become a second place for me where I can write and share anything. One time, I was  just tense about something and suddenly I got a message in my gmail ( A new response added to your forum). I just saw the forum and asked myself  “ Did I really wrote this.. Because it was the solution of my problem”I was thinking m kab se itni intelligent ho gayi blush . Helping someone else is helping yourself. It gives you so much satisfaction that can’t be described in words. And every time when I wrote something and got any comment like “ You really helped me”  These words made me feel that my article fulfilled the purpose for which it was written.  yes

My words for all of you are :-


You make me feel happy
We got a little world of our own
I'll tell you things that no one else knows
I let you in where no-one else goes
What am I doing without you ( he he hai world of our own, meri khud ki nahi hai )

Helpful friends  :-

 My facebook and my caclub profile has become second to none due to my so helping friends all over. If I need anything whether it’s notes or any advice on any front, my friends are just right there for me to help me out. There are times, when I won’t be able to reply to anyone but  luckily Koi is bat ka Bura nahi manta ….

Every time  someone is always there for my support. If someone comments negatively on my forum, someone else is always there to back me up.

“Seeing that someone’s taking your stand just to  support you is really a big thing.” And I’d always be grateful to all CA club members and friends for it.heartangel

waise ek baat bolu ...I am still missing everyperson right now  who were in my life ....I wish ki m apne teachers, old friends, new friends .... sabke sath ye happiness share kar pati ....because aaj jo main hu .....sirf or sirf un sab persons ki wajah se hi hu  ... And I'm really grateful to all of them  from bottom of my heart heart


Last  but not the least :-

I am really grateful to admin and all my friends for supporting  and believing blindly  upon me and for giving this heavenly pleasure. I don’t know whether I really deserve the favorite  member of caclubindia or not. But I know I am really lucky …. And really enjoying the pleasure to  hold this title of the year. Without all your support this moment can never happen in my life … so again …. Biggggieeee biigggieee thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 



Renu Singh