TDS Revised Return how to show

sona1 (MANAGER) (353 Points)

28 November 2023  

Note that we have already submitted our 26Q2,2023 Return timely and here  shown one Transporter whose one bill taxable Value Rs. 32,500.00 but not deducted any TDS (i.e. 0%) because Transporter given us Declaration for Not Deducted TDS Purpose.

After Return submitted  Department  issued us  short Deduction Notice Rs. 7150.00(including Interest) because Transporter Not Linked his PAN with Aaddher.

Note that We already paid this above demand amount and Online Added  our  Challan Details  in statement on Trace website   and create conso file.

Now our Question is how to show this paid demand amount in revised TDS return (CONSO FILE) .