Tds outstanding

akash (no) (160 Points)

20 June 2012  


 we charge rent Rs.1,00,000/ month from our tenant, so as on  on 1 jan 2012 i received only 60,000 from my tentant and till 31 st march rent is outstanding.. so i know we will pass journal entry like this

bank a/c -  54,000...debit

tds receivales- 6,000... debit

rent receivable- 2,40,000... debit

 to rent from debtor- 3,00,000--------credit


now my question is that will we show tds which is still not deducted by my tentant , i meant will we pass any seperate journal entry for TDS which is outstanding on rent(which is not  received on  i.e 2,40,000)  IF YES HOW WILL WE PASS JOURNAL ENTRY ..please experts help me out.