Tds on epf as uan is not linked.

Dear Expert,
I worked for a company company1 from 2011 oct to 2015 May , and have one UAN ie UAN1
I quit Company1 and joined Comapny2 and working till now.. 
But when I was trying to link the company1 UAN I had name mismatch issue.. could not resolve this issue. then My new company ie Company2 created a new UAN ie UAN2. This is active from 2015 may till date.

Actually I am active contributor of PF for 2011 Oct to till now. But as I could not link the old UAN to new org.

I am facing issues. ie I withdrew first company PF around 5 lakshs in 2018 june.  Here there was 10% deducted from the 5 lakshs , second now this is coming under taxable income of 2019 -20 assessment year.

totally I am losing here 50 thousands as 10 % tds on 5 lakhs. Now with this 4.5 lakshs is coming as taxable income and my tax slab is 30% slab. So I had to pay another 1 lakh 35 thousands.  ie totally I had to pay 1 lakh 85 thousands tax on PF withdrawal. As I am yet to file my returns now kindly help me to resolve this issue.  I am still working and I was given two UAn's at the same time.. which lead to this huge loss to me.

Thanks and Regards,
Jaffer Vali Shaik


It was an error by you of withdrawing from first company PF. Now go by Form 16 alongwith annexure and 26AS.

Thank you so much for the swift reply. Can you please explain bit in detail.  Can I save my TDS which is around one lakh and 85 thousands .


You are already in 30% slab. So there is no way to save 1.85 as you might have already exhausted 80C 80D limit.


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