TDS Late Deposit Interest (201)**

Viswa nath (Sales professional) (60 Points)

09 June 2023  

Received a Jurisdiction demand on TDS return submitted for 27Q for Q4-23

Property purchase payment to NRI (27Q)

TDS Challan 1 :  17/Feb/23 : Payable  to deductee: 1,00,000  ;  TDS(22.88%) : 22,800 to be paid before 7th of next month (7/Mar/23), Actual date of TDS deposited on 11/Mar/23,  [4 days  delay]. paid Rs324 as interest (1.5% of 22800)

TDS Challan 2 : 20/Mar/23 :   Payable  to deductee: 45,00,000  ;  TDS(22.88%) : 1029600  TDS deposited on next day 21/Mar/23 with out any delay/interest.

In jurisdiction demand : interest  for late deduction (201) -- Rs.10,752. is requested instead of Rs.324 calculated above.

1. Please update my interest calculation of Rs.324 (paid) is correct /  How the demand of 10,752 is arrived at.

2. If the demand is incorrect, how can we inform the officer in Traces - Resolution.
Hope correction is not needed if my calculation is correct.