Tds for online earlings

Namita (Self employed) (28 Points)

27 August 2011  

I am running a Company where member joins. We pay them according their content. I want to know that when I pay members, should my Company deduct TDS. If yes 

1. What should be the minimum amount of invoice for which TDS should be deducted.

2. What is the minimum amount in an year after which TDS should be deducted.

To elaborate my query, I am quoting an example.

Suppose if I have to pay member A Rs 1000 and member B Rs 10000 in a month. Should I deduct TDS rom both members.

Now if TDS of member A is not deducted and he again gets a payout from next invoice in same financial year, then after which amount, TDS will be deducted from member A in same financial year.