TDS : Date of Deduction

Amir (Learner) (4016 Points)

22 February 2010  

Hi Friends,

Plz spare some time to give ur invaluable opinion on this -

One of d requirement is TDS u/s 194 C is to be deducted incase aggregate of paymnts under different contracts exceeds Rs. 50,000 in a year....

Eg - There are 3 contracts from same contractor -

Contact A = Rs 15,000, Date of credit  01.10.2009

Contact B = Rs 19,0000, Date of credit 01.11.2009

Contract C = Rs.19,000, Date of credit 01.12.2009

Now TDS is to be deducted on ALL contracts - Agreed, No dispute on this......

Bigger Question is what is the due date of deduction/payment of TDS in case of Contract A & B??


I m sure u will appreciate that intention to post this question is to know legal side & not the practical one........

Thanks in Advance......