Tds correction statement in e-tds_rpu_2.7

I have prepared the TDS correction statement (.FVU file) in E-TDS-RPU version 2.6 and mailed it to alankit for filing. But I was told that the new version 2.7 is available and the FVU file is to be generated through the new version. However when I downloaded the latest version and tried creating the FVU file, an error file is generated as under:

Line No
Record Type
Statement Type
Field Name
Challan Details Record Number
Deductee/ Salary Detail No.
Error Code & Descripttion
1 File Header NA NA - - T-FV-1039 Consolidated Hash does not match.

. Can anyone help me in solving this problem?



Hi Poornima,

Please confirm if you are revising the TDS returns by requesting the consolidated file from TIN-NSDL website. If yes, while creating the new correction file you will also have to select the path where you have saved the consolidated file used for creating the correction file.

The error that you have got indicates that you are using a different consolidated file to create the correction returns.



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Thank you Mr.Sudhindra,

I actually do not know why the problem has come. I have taken the consolidated  file which is downloaded from TIN website, opened in RPU Version 2.6,  revised and saved. Subsequently when I was told that the FVU file has to be created in RPU 2.7, I have opened the already corrected and saved file in RPU 2.7 and tried creating FVU in 2.7 version. Then the above said error has come.


Now I have opened the original downloaded consolidation file  in RPU 2.7, made all the corrections again and then created FVU file. Then I did not get any errors and I was able to crete the FVU file successfully.


Anyhow thanks for replying my query.



it simple friends just try with your ms office 2003.


the fvu facility is inbuilt in rpu 7. do not validate the fvu file again through fvu facility. make necessary correction in consolidated statement, generate xml file and send for uploading. the message you pointed out comes only while you validate fvu file only again through. i have recently filed the correction statement.
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Dear sir/ madam

e tds depoit will be Assessment year 2012-2012 but deposited assessment year 2011-2012

now how to correct assessment year


Jitnendra Singh



accounts officer

please ensure name is as per tds challan


T-FV-1040 Consolidated File is mandatory for validating a Correction File. How to clear




Hi All,

Can someone help me regarding how to update deductee details in 24Q? I have already downloaded conso file from TIN website. When i opened it in RPU version 2.7 and wants to update details it won't allow me to update the deductee details in Annexures II details of Salary..

It would be of great help if someone could reply as soon as possible.

Thanks in Advance..


Hi anyone can help me while error comes T-FV-4339 at the time of generation of TCS Return through RPU



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