Tax paid in wrong pan and company closed

Ritesh Srvastava (MBA) (27 Points)

01 July 2015  

Dear Friends

My income tax for 2009/10 was paid by my employer in wrong PAN number, that PAN number does not exists, however payment was accepted by Income Tax Department. 

My employer has completely closed their operation and only one old person left who is not at all helping, despite many efforts, I contacted their CA, he said he does not have UID/PWD to upload the data again. 

I visited Income Tax Department, they shows inability to do any thing if tax uploaded in wrong pan, however they confirmed the pan number in which money paid does not exist. They suggested me to contact Karvy or other company who uploads the tax data, and get my tax reuploaded to correct PAN number but no luck there as well. I tried some touts/agents but seems no luck. 

I received a demand note of big amount, my last 3 year refund got adjusted againt the demand note. 

Please suggest me the way forward. 

Note: No hope from employer left, so the option to approach employer is not viable.