Tax on Retirement Benefits Withdrawal from Foreign Country

Leo Samson (Self) (44 Points)

25 June 2024  

Sir, I had worked for a company in India for 5+ years and then worked for 3 years in Germany for the same company and came back to India. I was contributing monthly to these retirement benefits in Germany after all taxes. Germany call it differently like Pension Insurance but it is same like PF of India. Germany Pension Office allows to withdraw employee contributions after 2 years from leaving their country. Hence I withdrew the retirement benefits to India Savings Account and opened Fixed Desposit after becoming Indian resident.

I feel this is not an income and not taxable.

Kindly advise whether my understanding is correct. Kindly advise whether I need to declare this under the Schedule Exempt Income --> "Withdrawal from PF Satuatory" . I can see that bank has reported SFT for this entire Fixed Deposit amount in my AIS. Hence feeling to declare it in ITR.