Tax filing - salaried income + f&o

Raghu (Salaried) (13 Points)

14 July 2017  

Dear All, I am salaried person and I have two Form-16, I changed jobs last year. I also trade whenever I get time in futures and options (day trading). I have an account with zerodha and they have given a good turnover, P&L statement.

  1. I have incurred loss
  2. Total turnover is 35 lakh
  3. Is a tax audit required?
  4. Can I show expenses related to trading (servers that I have purchsed for algo trades, laptop, mobile purchase, data feeds that I have purchased, advisory services, attending seminars) etc?
  5. Also let me know if I can include any other expense here.

I want to carry forward the losses. Need help in filing taxes.