Tally erp vs. the open source erps

Vivek (CA ) (2368 Points)

29 October 2018  
Open Source ERPs vs. Tally ERP  
Feature Open Source ERPs (e.g. Adempiere, Odoo, ERP Next, Dolibarr etc.) Tally ERP 9
Target Clientele Process driven mid and large size organisations with best GRC practices Small size, family managed, individual centric conservative businesses with poor GRC practices
USP Standardisation of the Enterprise-wide business processes and efficiency in management control & decision making Ease of operations for the clerical staff and cooking books of accounts for tax filing only
IFC / ICoFR (C.A. 2013) / SOX / Clause 49 (Listing Agreement) compliant Can be configured for global best practices (COSO / CoBIT) in ITGC and Automated Application Controls (ITAC) Since main focus is on ease of use for the clerical staff and cooking books of accounts for tax filing, controlling features are very weak.
Application Architecture Industry standard Modern 3 Tier Architecture (Frontend - Application Logic - DBMS) Single Tier proprietary architecture, developed in 80's
Development Environment & DBMS Industry standard open source development environment (HTML, Java Script, PHP, Java, Phython etc.) & DMBS support (e.g. MySQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc.) Proprietary development environment (TDL) without any separate DBMS
User Interface (UI) - Modern Web based GUI with several appealing themes
- Multiple windows of the same application or other applications can be opened simultaneously
- Out-dated text only UI developed in 80's for DOS based PCs
- User can work on single window at a time. Other applications can not be opened without minimising Tally
Support Eco-system Supported by a strong worldwide community of open source evgangelists with brillient technical & domain expertise Supported by the small-time hardware vedors without any technical or domain expertise
Cost of ownership No licence fee for the application, OS & development environment Heavy upfront licence fee and AMC / add-on charges for application and Windows OS
Operating Environment Supports Linux and Windows based servers and workstations Supports only Windows based servers and workstations
User Profile Loved by the professionals with past experience in tier I ERPs and SOP driven professionally managed MNCs Non-qualified user base in family owned conservative organisations never exposed to industrial best practices and professionally managed MNCs
Updation Application and the supporting environment (i.e. DBMS, development framework etc.) are being continuously improved by the community Monopolistic profit-oriented corporation only focus on bringing tax-compliance features
Speed and data handling - Based on power of Apache web server and leading DBMSs which can handle any amount of transaction volume / data size / no. of users
- Application and database servers can be separately installed.
- Based on the proprietary single tire source code & DBMS which slows down with transactions volume, data size, no. of users etc.
- Application and database servers can not be separate.
Installation base World-wide installation base including developed countries Presence in India and undeveloped Asian & African countries only
Data Sharing Easy & real-time two-way data-sharing any other business applications like HRMS, CRM, POS, Web-stores etc. via ODBC, JDBC, Jboss, Web services etc. One-way manual flat file based data sharing can be created via proprietary TDL programming only
Interface with other applications Easy & real-time interface with any other business applications like HRMS, CRM, POS, Web-stores etc. via simple and open API Manual interface with other applications can be created via proprietary TDL programming only
Customisation / Enhancement Easy customisation through freely available source code Customisation can be done by the authorised partners in separate developer's edition only
Pricing Entire Application and its source code is free Differential pricing on the basis of the version, no. of users, add-on etc.
Cloud installation Can be installed on any public or private cloud having web server, PHP and DBMS facility Cloud feature can be obtained through Tally only
Access Controls - Role based complex access controls matrix can be implemented
- Administrator and technical staff's access on the business transactions & reports can be restricted
- Very basic user based access control
- Administrator's and technical staff's access can not be restricted
Deletion of transaction Transactions can only be reversed with verifiable trail in system Transactions can be deleted easily without any trace
Audit Trail on the transaction Audit-trail on the transactions can be maintained with user ID and time stamp No transaction-wise user trail available
Portable devices access Can be accessed via any Android / Apple OS based devices (e.g. Smartphones, Tablets etc.) Available on Windows based PCs
Application installation on workstations No installation on workstations. Can be accessed via any web browser Application front-end needs to installed on the user work-stations
Period / Financial years wise restrictions Complicated period / financial year based restrictions can be implemented Only very basic back date restriction is possible
Backup and Restore procedure Easy SQL file based backup and restore procedure Complicated corruption-prone backup and restore procedure with proprietary format
Mass data input Mass data can be imported internally via CSV import or direct DBMS import Mass data input is not supported
Prepared by : CA. Vivek Verma, FCA, CISA, DISA, MCSE