Stock transfer outside india - accounting and legal queries!

Aarushi (Manager-Accounts & Finance)   (52 Points)

13 June 2018  

Hi ,

I need to understand accounting and legal challanges in transfering stock to our warehouse taken on rent outside the country .

Let me explain it clearly here ... 

So we are planning to take warehouse on monthly rent in USA to keep our stock for sale there, we will be salling to companies there so will get remittance in very 15 days now my queries are

1. Whether we need to show it as stock transfer in our books in India  or direct export sale under GST ?

2. What is the timeline to get payment against stock exported outside the country for the purpose of sale and what we need to do if some stock remain unsold ?

We have LUT bond to export goods at zero rated value. Requesting all experts to advice on my queries to resolve my confusion on this sale arrangements .