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Stipend and other incentives in big 4 companies





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Stipend Great, Incentives Superb.... But at the end of the day u will have to slog it out everyday n surely all people wont be ready for it... U sometimes have to sleep in the Client's place thats what I have heard from others who r doing their articlership in the Big 4's...

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Hemanth Sai (CA-FINAL,AUDIT TRAINEE) (110 Points)
Replied 02 November 2011

even what u told is true, i have witnesed big4 articles sleeping at the client office lae in the ni8.


big4's pay around 9k in 1st year

                           12-14  in 2nd year

                           18-20  in 3rd year

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CA Raha Sk (Professional) (150 Points)
Replied 02 November 2011

one of my friend working in e&y...stipend is 7500

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Hemanth Sai (CA-FINAL,AUDIT TRAINEE) (110 Points)
Replied 02 November 2011

may be..it depends on..

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deepak totla (ARTICLE) (24 Points)
Replied 10 November 2011

ONE of my friend working in PWC, stipend is 8000 rs.

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Rohit ([ ] ) (1140 Points)
Replied 25 November 2011

Well I did my articles with one of the Big 4s a few years back . Stipend was great plus top notch companies as your clients, a lot of travel.

Yes, you need to work very hard but there are good days as well. It doesnt not get very late every day some days are bad and some are good.


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varshil (ipcc) (46 Points)
Replied 01 August 2015

How to apply in Big 4 Mumbai - Congratulations on your success. Having accomplished this milestone, you step into the real world. We guide you how to go about it. The Big Four's! Let's get started- The Big four firms offers opportunities in the following: Transfer pricing (Taxation of MNC's having branches in more than one country) & International taxation (NRI) Direct taxation Indirect taxation Statutory Audit Internal Audit / Risk (Easiest to Get) (This is the usual order of preference among applicants - The highest are keen to apply in transfer pricing which is considered having the best exposure & highest pays due to complex intellectual valuation work) Let's get to know what Transfer pricing is - MNC's have branches in different countries. The company is incorporated in one country & operates / does business in another country. When one branch provides services to another branch, an appropriate cost should be determined for the debit of profit & loss account for tax purpose. The job is to relate / benchmark this transaction to one that would have happened if two parties were unrelated. This is how you would value the transaction. International taxation is determining the residential status of NRI & related taxation services. How to apply: there are usually four in takes. On the weekdays, there are personal technical interviews conducted. If you did not receive a call after forwarding your CV, just the way I didn't, I went to their office on a saturday. There were open interviews conducted - for those who hadn't applied. Though long ques, you are assured of the interview conducted in a fair way. The usual interview rounds include - The aptitude test - if you've given the scholarship or the asset exam in school or know the logical questions in form of MCQ where you've to find the father son age based on equation given or the sequence you have to fill up based on the alphabetical series given. We give you a list of these questions & 'technique' to solve in our BIG 4 articleship interview training sessions (conducted in Mumbai Surat Ahmedabad Baroda) , Register whatsapp 9969637888 , But to practice a few, see the MBA entrance logic math English grammar GK questions. The group discussion - topics could include news matter or general topics. Prepare well for the popular ones. These include - retail FDI, e-commerce, privatization, reservations, brain drain, indian vs western culture, privatization of higher education, engineers doing MBA - national waste? Internet & television - idiot box / useful recourse? Coke Pepsi - driven out? HR tip - Be firm, yet be soft spoken. We help you polish for likely topics in our BIG 4 articleship interview training sessions (conducted in Mumbai Surat Ahmedabad Baroda) but to get the general sense, Register whatsapp 9969637888. The personal one to one HR interview - the filtered candidates are screened & asked why do you want to get in here. Here meaning the firm, the field (audit / tax). A common sure shot question is to tell about yourself. Do not fall into the trap into being carried away by personal unrelated matter. We help you answer these questions in our BIG 4 articleship interview training sessions. (conducted in Mumbai Surat Ahmedabad Baroda) but to get the general sense, Register whatsapp 9969637888. The technical interview - short listed for the HR round takes you to the technical round where again in a one to one, the interviewer would ask you factual questions related to audit / tax depending on what you have selected. Say for example, if its audit - questions about accounting standard on depreciation / work's contract are the interviewer's favorite. We help you prepare for tricky questions in our BIG 4 articleship interview training sessions (conducted in Mumbai Surat Ahmedabad Baroda) but to get the general sense, Register whatsapp 9969637888. The Partner's round: the big fours are limited liability partnerships where there are numerous & numerous partners. The questions here are broad based depending on the feedback by other interviewers. Partner would want to know about your personality & leadership skills. It is a broad based discussion but try to be to the point. We help you polish for these higher level discussions in our BIG 4 articleship interview training sessions (conducted in Mumbai Surat Ahmedabad Baroda) but to get the general sense, Register whatsapp 9969637888. Where to go? EY - Contact HR Aksh*ta, Ruby, Dadar west (towards Matunga), Aksh*ta - 02261920092 ; Reception - +912261920000 Deloitte - Contact HR Nivedita, Indiabulls Finance Center, Elphistone road west / parel (towards Dadar) Nivedita - 02261855049 ; Reception - +912261854000 KPMG - Contact HR Sanil, Lodha Lower Parel / Mahalaxmi, Lower Parel East (towards Mahalaxmi) +912239896000 PwC - Audit - Contact HR Nimi, Dadar West, near mayors Bunglow Shivaji park 02266691332 Tax - Contact Ranjita Bandra west toward Talav 02266891871; 02266891543 Get trained to get recruited - Big 4 Articleship Interview Training sessions in Mumbai - Register immediately after results - limited seats - whatsapp 9969637888 Concluding remarks - It is preferable that both groups cleared apply for statutory audit / tax. One group cleared can take a chance to apply for the Internal Audit. Be keen to show the interviewer that you are willing to work hard, sit till late, slog, permanently work in the industry, follow the related news like tax treaties & pacts, wouldn't need much leaves nor would mind out station audits. Thanks for your time, V D Shah CFA Coaching Mumbai 9969637888 

Read more at: /forum/details.asp?mod_id=185541&offset=9

Nimmish (student) (29 Points)
Replied 12 October 2016

What is the stipend amount?


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