Standard deduction on house rent doubt

Sohil (Learner) (631 Points)

26 October 2011  

My mother got last year 1 lakh rupee as rent from her property.

The article showed 30% deduction as actual rent received.

My question is it includes repair and maintenance charges

Our maintenance charge is somewhere around 1700 per month.out of which  900 somewhat is muncipal taxes.

I have a feeling that i must deduct 900*12 =10800 apart  from the basic 30% charges.In short  total deduction should be 40800 and not only 30000 rupees.

Reason being repair charges say in year was 27000  and other maintenance excluding  muncipal taxes is say 8000.Still than i can only get 30000 total deduction.And sureshot everyyear  i have to pay  taxes.In short ill be paying taxes on more money than i am actually required to pay.


Am i correct in my calculations?