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CA Bharat kumar (Practice) (622 Points)

14 May 2013  

Who is RAJIV DIXIT n Why media not brodocast his death News... Who was Rajiv Dixit.....राजीव­ दत कोणथे?????????? 1) Rajiv Dixit was one who used to say PEPSI-COKE are the PESTISIDES and Toilet cleaner .....He was the First indian Who started the movement against this PEPSI and COKE...in 1998 as a AAZADI BACHAO ANDOLAN...Now Indian Supreme court,Central Laboratory and Scientist Dr.SUNITHA NARAYANA has Proved it is True.... 2) Since 1998 he was knowing about the Black Money in Swiss bank and One of his lecture in 2002.... he suggested that the Indian supreme court should declare Money held by Indians in Swiss banks as National Property so that foreign banks would have to legally hand over this money to India. 3) Dr.RAJIV explain in one lecture how value of INDIAN RUPEE...Devalueted when in 1947 it was... 1Rs =1 $, 1Rs =1 Britain Pound, 1Rs =1 Frank, 1Rs = 1 Dusma .... you can check this on google or wikepidia for the Value of 1 Rs in 1947. 4) In U.S.A there is a warning on the Box Of Colgate that " KEEP OUT THE REACH OF CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 14years " Infact in BHARAT.....on Pepsodent also it is clearly mentioned that it Should not be used by the children below 12 years.......then why they are using KIDS in their Advertisement??????????? The Photograph of that COLGATE and this campaign was also Started by Dr.RAJIV DIXIT..... 5) He collected more than 50,000 documents of our Freedom Fight from the.....Library of LONDON, British House of Commons and Indian parliament.... Rajiv Dixit was an Indian Orator. He started social movements in order to spread awareness on topics of Indian national interest through the Swadeshi Movement, Azadi Bachao Andolan and various other works. He served as the National Secretary of Bharat Swabhiman Andolan he is the founder of bharat swabhimaan andolan... In his life he was influenced by the ideologies of Indian revolutionaries like Chandrashekhar aazad,Bhagat singh,Udham singh. Though he was Doctorate and Scientist at the CSIR ( Counsil of Science and Industrial Research) he never used Dr. as a prefix on his name Biography: Rajiv Dixit was born on 30 November 1967 in Naah village, Uttar Pradesh . Under the tutelage of his father RadheShyam Dixit he was educated till the 12th grade in the village schooling system in Firozabad district. In 1994, he moved to Allahabad (Prayaag) for higher studies. He pursued his * B.tech From Indian Institute of Technology, Allahabad * M.Tech degree in Satellite Telecommunicati­ons from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur * P.H.D in Telecommunications from France. Subsequently, * He worked at CSIR as a Scientist with Great son of Bharat Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam Being a Scientist He could have enjoyed his life very well in USA or UK but he sacrificed his life to bring awareness among the People against Black money, Loot of Multinational Companies , Corruptions , Benefits of Bhartiya Made items and Ayurveda On the 9th of January 2009, he became one of the founders of "Bharat Swabhiman" movement. Sudden death : Rajiv Dixit was in Bhilai,Chhattis­garh. to deliver lecture as a part of his Bharat Swabhiman Yatra....where he Died on 30th November 2010.... His death was Unexpected and the cause of his death is still unknown.... His body converted into Blue black after his death clearly indicates that he was killed by the conspiracy of Corrupted Politicians or Mafia of Various Multinational Companies. No postmortem was performed after his death and Regional Corrupted (Foreign Funded) media Didn't shown any news about death of a great soul..... Media can be Silent but we can't be.....as true responsible BHARTIYA i post this to you.....Let the other people also Know about this Great Perosnality and a Great son of BHARAT MATA.... VANDE MATARAM... JAY HIND..