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22 April 2011  


Dearest friends and members

This is my humble effort to give you to a spectacular inspiration through the novel “ Old man and Sea” and a fabulous quotes “man can be defeated but cannot be destroyed’. 

Plot summary is the first segment and absorb the input from the plot and come to its application to one and each CCI member to achieve your ultimate goal CA.

Plot summary




Plot summary

a) The Old Man and the Sea tells an epic battle between an old, experienced fisherman and a giant marlin.

b) The fisherman, who is named Santiago, has gone 84 days without catching any fish at all. He is so unlucky that his young apprentice, Manolin, has been forbidden by his parents to sail with the old man and been ordered to fish with more successful fishermen.

c)   Thus on the 85th day, Santiago sets out alone, taking his skiff far onto the Gulf. He sets his lines and, by noon of the first day, a big fish that he is sure is a marlin takes his bait.

d) Unable to pull in the great marlin, Santiago instead finds the fish pulling his skiff. Two days and two nights pass in this manner, during which the old man bears the tension of the line with his body. Though he is wounded by the struggle and in pain, Santiago expresses a compassionate appreciation for his adversary, often referring to him as a brother.

e)  On the third day of the ordeal, the fish begins to circle the skiff, indicating his tiredness to the old man. Santiago, now completely worn out and almost in delirium, uses all the strength he has left in him to pull the fish onto its side and stab the marlin with a harpoon, ending the long battle between the old man and the tenacious fish.

f)    Thinking about the high price the fish will bring him at the market and how many people he will feed.

g) While Santiago continues his journey back to the shore, sharks are attracted to the trail of blood left by the marlin in the water. The first, a great makosharks, Santiago kills with his harpoon, losing that weapon in the process.

h) But the sharks keep coming, and by nightfall the sharks have almost devoured the marlin's entire carcass, leaving a skeleton consisting mostly of its backbone, its tail and its head.

i)    Finally reaching the shore before dawn on the next day, Santiago struggles on the way to his shack, carrying the heavy mast on his shoulder. Once home, he slumps onto his bed and falls into a deep sleep.


Spectacular inspiration from the story  to your life

a) Often students tend to curse everything else under the sun for not passing this course. But you have literally made the adage into practice- Where there is a will, there is a way.

b) You may be unlucky by constant and frequent exam failure; your positive zeal may be diluted. Not at all in a position to do extra work and thus failure continue as usual.

c)   As far as you are concerned the marlin fish can be compared with your CA. In the course of achieving the CA course, no doubt you have to face so many adverse influences against you. But it is life my dear friend, we have to fight until we secure our goal. Be willing to face the challenges and fight with full of energy.

d) Observe the experience of this old man, by age, he is not healthy, by luck he is unlucky, and there is no support for him. Likewise, your academic level you may be not a super intellectual, by unlucky factor, you may be failed consecutively, No support such as coaching or other support from your boss may be not available in the matter of study leave, or your family responsibility.

e)  Never give up, whether the outcome may be positive or may be negative. We all are targeting positive outcome. But failure ,even after our hard work is simply say miserable. But it is life, my dears, we have to face, No doubt one day you will surely achieve your ultimate goal.

f)    Man can be defeated but cannot be destroyed. Once you defeated again preserve full energy and put whole hearted effort to achieve your goal until you success your exam.

g) Finally you will achieve your goal no doubt.


All the best

CA Vivek M

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