Something straight forward to handle Exam Stress!!!

Ankur Garg (Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)   (114763 Points)

18 August 2010  

Dear Members,


For some students Exam time is the most stressful part of their life. But to be honest this is not a correct thinking or approach. There are certain or simple things which can really help you to avoid last time examination stress. So through this brief write-up an attempt has been made to share some points regarding how to avoid examination stress.


The theme of this write-up is—avoid exam stress through a sound exam preparation because I personally feel that stress at the time of examination is the result of weak preparation and shows lack of self confidence towards the preparation. So some of the points mentioned in this write-up are connected or dealt with good exam preparation. Please find below some of my very simple observations regarding how to avoid the examination stress:


1. Focus on conceptual study


This is one of my all time and permanent suggestion. To avoid examination stress and secure long time professional success it is very essential to focus on conceptual study from the very beginning of your professional journey. Conceptual study is the only way out to deal with any sort of examination.


2. Keep discussing the topics with your friends


Another way out to deal with exam stress is to have a cool chat or exam oriented discussion with your friends and fellow students. This is helpful for you in many ways. Through these kinds of discussions you may clear your doubts and mentally prepare yourself for the battle ahead. Also keep in touch with your teachers for desired advice.




  3. Give a complete reading to the course


It is also important to give a complete reading to the course content. Confidently strike off the topic which according to you is irrelevant and never asked in the exams. This point is totally connected with your self confidence and consequently reduces your exam stress. Remember in the exam hall a small hint or 10-20% knowledge is enough to attempt a question. A simple reading or knowledge can be very handy for exam.




4. Spend quality times with your family and friends


One of the best way to handle exam stress is to spend some quality time with your family and friends. I urge you all to consider this point very important to regain the entire consumed energy and enthusiasm. According to me during exam time family and friends are like protein and energy boosters. They provide you the desired strength to fight with exam stress. So after a long study session have a relaxed chat or interaction with your family and friends. I personally feel that this is a solid method to avoid exam stress. Try this…


5. Follow a fixed study plan honestly


As per my personal understanding if you follow a regular study plan from the very beginning, you can easily avoid the exam stress. Exam stress is somewhere connected with your preparation method. If you are satisfied with your preparation then it would be easy for you to say bye-bye to exam stress. So try and understand the importance of this point and prepare and follow a detailed and flexible study plan from the very beginning.  


6. Stay away from all negative thoughts


Negative thought or thinking is one of the biggest reasons of exam stress and consequent failure in exam. Without any proper reason avoid thinking that your preparation is bad or you are weak in theory or practical paper. Just go ahead and give your best shot. Do not allow negative thinking and consequent exam stress to distract you and your positive energy.




7. Always focus on good and flexible revision schedule    


A good revision during exam time surely relaxed your mind and helps you to avoid unnecessary exam stress. So prepare a special strategy for course revision and prepare special short revision type notes. Plan your revision schedule as early as possible and follow the same honestly and keep reviewing it and make necessary changes as and when necessary. This point helps you to deal with lengthy course and improve your revision strategy. Select easy chapters as per your strength and gain tremendous confidence by practicing more & more questions. After gaining enough confidence remove that chapter from your final revision list. Now there is no need to revise that chapter during final revision and be confident about that chapter. Just follow your revision schedule strictly.


8. Use your previous exam experience


Obviously you are not going to give first exam of your life. So use your experience of previous exams regarding how to handle the exam pressure. Also recall your previous exam success to generate much desired self confidence.


9. Few general observations to avoid exam stress


Some of the general observations to avoid exam stress are as follows:


i.)         Stay away from unnecessary examination pressure. Remember exams are just to test your knowledge and should not be treated as a pressure cooker.


ii.)        To avoid exam stress always believe in action. Thinking without action will increase your stress and adversely affect your positivity.


iii.)       Always make provision for a small break during long study sessions to rejuvenate your energy and strength.


iv.)       Slight nervousness is perfectly fine and inevitable during exam time. But excessive stress can be very harmful and block your thinking process. So just be careful.


10. Have faith in your abilities and blessings of your parents


Last but certainly not the least to avoid exam stress or any kind of stress in life it is very important to have faith in your abilities and efforts. Remember nobody is perfect so always ready to improve yourself. Always try your best with utmost sincerity and dedication. I am sure success will follow you. Also give due regards to the expectations of your parents and also remember with their blessings you can deal with any sort of pressure situation.




In the end you all are requested to please share your thoughts about the write up and share your guidance/suggestion to improve my efforts towards the community.


With Warm Regards,

Ankur Garg