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06 January 2012  

As a CA student, our ultimate goal will be to become a “Successful Chartered Accountant”.  Some may choose the course as a matter of choice while some others may select as a matter of chance. Those who taking the course as a matter of choice will always successful since they have chosen the course with their own interest, where as those who taken the course as a matter of chance may successful or not.

If you want to become a successful CA, there require a good patience, systematic planning and hard and smart works.

Useful tips for students from vernacular medium… (I have practiced the following method and successful)

There are students who done schooling in a vernacular medium may find very difficult to study subjects in English.

First step in this direction should be purchase a good dictionary. When you read first time, you may find difficult to understand. Learn all the new words and note it. If you doing this kind of exercise over a period of 6 month (180 days) may learn almost all the meaning and new words. But remember, during the starting stages, you may find it very difficult but gradually you can control over the situations.

Secondly, never try to convert the concepts from English to your vernacular language. This exercise is time consuming and ineffective. Try to understand in the English itself.

Fix a suitable time for writing your exam

Mostly, we have a tendency to write our CA exam in the earlier attempt. Most of the students require some transition time to settle down the course. But lagging the course also not advisable.  Decide when to write your First CA Exam. It should not be too early and too late. Getting grip in to the subjects may take little time also.

For writing CA exam required a good practice and preparation and investment in time. If you are giving sufficient time for your own preparation and writing the examination is far better than writing exam at the earliest and failures and loosing confidence.

Serious preparations

If you taking the course very seriously and willing to devote your whole mind and body will be more effective.

Try to give more concentration and try to understand the concepts is very essential. Making notes for key points for future reference and periodic revisions are some of the routine study strategy.  Do a chapter wise test . Consider it as your CA examination of One paper.

Subject may some time feel difficult during the beginning, later the difficulty level will come down by improving your learning curve.


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