Yash Saini (1 Points)

28 May 2023  

I want to apply for GST registration but i don't own a place of business it's just my home which is rented the owner is ready to provide his signature and documents for GST registration but i have some questions regarding the rental agreement and some other documents...

1. What is the stamp type for the rental agreement, is it a normal Stamp or an E-stamp?

2. What is the required price of the stamp? (I've contacted a person who makes E-stamp and he said that there's a stamp duty which will decide the price of the E-stamp, he said that it'll be 4% of my rent over a period of 11 months).

3. If I use a regular E-stamp without and stamp duties included then will my registration form be rejected?

4. Can I register for GST at home with some possibility of my form being approved or do I have to assign a CA for that?

5. I don't have a business right now but i need GST number to start selling online, can I apply without having an actual business? (not on my website but the existing platforms).

I have applied for GST number before too but it was with a regular stamp not an E-stamp and it got rejected with the reason being that i hadn't uploaded a proper rental agreement