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Some old memories


Some Facts That Will Definitely Make You Feel Old:

1. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Was Released 19 Years Ago.
2. Windows Xp Was Released 13 Years Ago, In 2001.
3. The New Millennium Is More Than A Decade Old.
4. Chetan Bhagats Antics Have Been Around For The Past 10 Years!
5. Pierce Brosnan Last Acted As James Bond 12 Years Ago.
6. The Delhi Metro Has Been Running For 12 Years Now.
7. Its Been 13 Years Since 9/11
8. The Matrix Came Out 15 Years Ago, Keanu Reeves Is 49 Today
9. Mother Theresa And Lady Diana Have Been Dead For 17 Years.
10. Remember Jungle Book On Doordarshan? That Was More Than 18 Years Ago.
11. Macaulay Culkin Is 33 Today. Home Alone Came Out Over 23 Years Ago.
12. Terminator 2 Is 23 Years Old. Edward Furlong Who Portrayed Kid John Connor Is 36 Now.
13. Sean Connery Is 82 Years Old And Retired.
14. The Youngest Spice Girl Is 37, The Oldest Backstreet Boy 41, Gwen Stefani Is 43, Madonna 54
15. The First Harry Potter Book Came Out 17 Years Ago!
16. The First Season Of F.R.I.E.N.D.S Was Aired 17 Years Ago!
17. Akshay Kumar Was Born In 1967!
18. Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Older Than Independent India. He Was Born In June 1947
19. Kids Born In 1996 Can Legally Drive, Drink And Vote This Year.
20. Jurassic Park Is Older Than Justin Bieber.
21. Rajiv Gandhi Has Been Dead For 21 Years.
22. Bryan Adams Cult Song Summer Of 69? Was Released 29 Years Ago.
23. Kids Whom You Remember In Their Diapers Are Posting Their Pics On Facebook.
24. Facebook Has Been Around For 10 Years. Orkut For 12.
25. Remember The Little Girl From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? She Is 26 Now.
26. The Maruti Zen Was First Introduced 22 Years Ago….

So Guys Don’t Smile Reading This.

Its High Time You Realize That You Are Getting Old.. Older And Soon You Would Be Oldest…..
Time Is Flying And There Is A Very Short Life So Just Make Every Moment Special And Live Every Moment Before It Becomes History.

 6 Replies

CA Saloni (Deputy Manager-Accounts & GST Consultant)   (5124 Points)
Replied 19 September 2014


Santhosh Poojary (SIEMPRE AHÍ PARA TI) (15587 Points)
Replied 19 September 2014

true saying...the digital world changes faster than the natural. The natural world is moving at the same pace as it always has been....we have changed more in the past 50 years than in the past thousand... However all we can do is cope with it....!


Santosh ji yes we all are at same level regarding the above things... but trully i had decided not to touch phone, vehicle,lappy in once in a month for the whole day...


and experienced that this one is best among all the rest 30 days of a month.....


we had forgotten all those things which trully gives us immense pleasure ... bus show off k piche lage hai sab k sab......


This is mah personal exp. sorry if it hurts to anyone

Santhosh Poojary (SIEMPRE AHÍ PARA TI) (15587 Points)
Replied 19 September 2014

hmmm ...personally i think people doesn't need to be rich or famous or successful to fully enjoy their lives, i see them only as bonuses... but even if you have a simple life, you can enjoy it... by simply being with the ones you love Nd being grateful for your existence......!

one must make the best of everything and always try turn something bad into smething good everything happens for a reson.....!

Keep sharing....!


Absolutely... The best life is living it Simply... Helping others...  Bindas mast hoke jeoo yaar...


Yes Rich and being Famous is just a reward or bonus... they cant b ur everything if u really want live ur life.......




Santhosh Poojary (SIEMPRE AHÍ PARA TI) (15587 Points)
Replied 19 September 2014

yes dear...its life, thats just the way it goes...!

we have a limited amount of time on this "Earth."...... In our lifetimes we can choose to feel or hurt, strive or fail, accomplish or lose. The beauty of it all is that LIFE is what you make of it......!

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