Some hidden facts about mahatma gandhi

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I would like to share some little known facts about him which most of us don’t know....


(1) He had a set of false teeth, which he carried in a fold of his loin cloth. He put them in his mouth only when he wanted to eat. After his meal, he took them out, washed them and put them back in his loin cloth again.


(2) Mahatma Gandhi spoke English with an Irish accent, for one of his first teachers was an Irishman.


(3) During the freedom struggle, he wore nothing but a loin cloth , but for years he lived in London and used to wear a silk hat and spats and carried a cane.


(4) He was educated at London University and became an attorney. But the first time he attempted to make a speech in court, his knees trembled, and he was so frightened that he had to sit down in confusion and defeat.


(5) As a lawyer in London, he got nowhere at all. He was practically a failure there. Years before, when he first came to England, his Irish teacher made him copy the Sermon on the Mount, over and over again, purely as an exercise in English. Hour after hour, Gandhi wrote “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. . . . Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God,” and these words made a profound impression on him.


(6) Later, he was sent to South Africa to collect some huge debts; and he tried to apply there the philosophy of the Sermon on the Mount. And it worked. Clients flocked to Gandhi because he settled their claims peacefully out of court and saved them time and expense.


(7) His income during those days in South Africa touched fifteen thousand dollars a year! Something still a dream for most Indians !



(9) On seeing the hopeless condition of one tenth of India which was living in a hungry and half-starved state, Mahatma Gandhi pleaded with them to cease bringing children into a world filled with so much misery and want.

(10) Mahatma Gandhi experimented with diets to see how cheaply he could live and remain healthy. He started living principally on fruit and goats’ milk and olive oil.


(11) Mahatma Gandhi never visited the US, but he had many American fans and followers. One of his more unusual admirers was Henry Ford. Gandhi sent him an autographed charkha (spinning wheel) through a journalist emissary. During the darkest days of the Second World War, Ford, who was struck by the charkha’s “mechanical simplicity and high moral purpose,” would often spin on “the symbol of economic independence that Gandhi had sent.

(12) Mahatma Gandhi inspired millions of people world over to take the path of non-violence and civil disobedience. 5 world leaders who got Noble Peace prize viz. Martin Luther King Jr. (USA), Dalai Lama (Tibet), Aung San Suu Kyi (Myanmar), Nelson Mandela (S. Africa) and Adolfo Perez Esquivel (Argentina) have acknowledged the fact that they were influenced by the philosophy of Gandhi. Yet, Mahatma Gandhi; the man who inspired these Nobel Peace Prize winners, never got a Noble Prize !


I think it is a loss for the Noble - the prize; not for Gandhi - the man who is above all prizes.


Many Countries have issued lot of stamps on Mahatma Gandhi.

(Surname is a small country in upper part of South America. It issued a stamp on Gandhiji.)


(African Country Uganda also issued two stamps on Gandhiji.)

(Djibouti stamp on Gandhiji)

(Comores stamp on Gandhiji.)


(Antigua and Barbuda's series of Gandhi stamps.)

(This stamp was issued by Russian Postal Department in 1969)



Sources of this article : VIA EMAIL FROM A FRIEND "FARHAAN ABBAS"...

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Very nice article!!! Thanks for posting!!
!..Live to Give..!

Really made my day brother... i am just big fan of Gandhi...

Thankx for sharing it.

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it feels great, the other countries respects our bapuji as much as we do, Thankyou so much, for increasing our knowledge abt gandhiji,

 But I wonder always, why "Bharat ratna" India's highest civilian award not given to Gandhiji??!!, Who else is there to take first place as Bharatratna, than him!!, Here my fav one on bapuji..

"Sachai ka lekar shastr, aur ahimsa ke leke asthr,

Toone apna desh bachaya, goro ko tha door bhagaya,

Dushman se bhi pyar kiya, manav par upkaar kiya

Gandhi karthe tujhe naman, aur chadathey tujhe suman..", learnt from my son..

Agreed with Sanket, This day is definitely beautiful, subah subah, bapuji ka darshan hogaya.... Thankyou again..

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@ Harini Di...

May be awards and rewards doesn't suit Mahtma Gandhi as he is above all....Bharat Ratna...Noble or any of such kind...

Such awards may be clich by doing great work...but

To be called as "Father of Nation" the biggest and the most satisfying award....that no one can clinch.....ITS THE ULTIMATE PRESTIGIOUS, HONORABLE PERSONA OF BAPU....(MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI)

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Well said Aryan, completely agreed, Father of the nation, its superior to all awards. Thankyou,

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Thanx For sharing Dear

I know some facts but

these r really hidden facts .


CA Finals

nice post

Article Trainee

Well Said Aryan Ji.... i Jus loved 2 kno these things abut him..:)

School director

To the better understanding of Gandhi only a Gandhi can do.

I am a great follower of Gandhi. Our evil society time and time making our father of nation show as a degraded personality. I hope we should not take care of those immatured fellows.

The greatest quote said by Einstein on Gandhi:

"The future generations may or might not believe such a person with blood and flesh had ever walked on this earth."



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