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Some helpful tips for CA student.


22 April 2009  

Where there is a will there is a way that is the right saying.

The brain is a such a stong mechanism and if it  is focusing on a particular manner we can do anything.

But we are not aware  of this mechanism, and not giving any training for this brain  for study process

Firstly the brain cannot store the information you have leared in first time not more than 24 hours, what ever if you have studied , you may forget the majority portion  after completion of  24 hours which is called the First memory Cycle.

There is also another memory cycle after 7 days ,whatever you had  revised within the first memory cycle it cannot store  after the second memory cycle.

If  you cross these TWo memory cycle in a systematic manner the information may be stored relatively long term memory and these long term only help us at the time of revison and the day before examination.

So  your revison paln shall be such a manner that you had do the first revison within the First memory  cycle and next should fall  with the second memory cycle.

Keep writing and making the notes,for inputting the data in to the human brain written mechanism will be help ful.


The brain  cannot focus more than 1 hour for a particular subject, so try to find five minute for relaxing after completing  Evey one hour study.

Try to blend the theory and problem as your time table per day. Allocate a difficult subject in the very fresh  time of you and easy subject at relatively later.


So plan well, it should be in such a manner that it should bring the level best of you,So plan should be realistic, measurable and should be achievable in  a period of time.PLAN SHOULD BE FLEXIBLE ALSO, THAT IS IF YOU FOUND DIFFICULT IN A PARTICULAR SUBJECT IS DIIFCULT THEN REVISE YOUR PALN INORDR TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL.

We should be good managers by ourself. Understand your problems and find the solution for the problems, be a good manager, your mind is a good manager for you.

You can sleep just 7 hours per day and find 6 to 8 hours for study ( If you are not undergone the article ship, then 10 to 12 hours).You need more time to settle for your first round of study.After that you start learn the subject and it become interestive. so , the your resource is time. Give the needed time and care for each of the subject, then only it will become a scorable paper for you.

After completing each of the chapter should refer the past questions form that chapter and try to understand the pattern for the exam, it wil help you the early correction from your part.

You may have many doubt and problems in this first round  study.


So try your level best and achive your mission and vission


 21 Replies

CMA KNVV Sri Vidya - Sri Kanth (C.A.Final (New) ICWAI FINAL (New))   (11254 Points)
Replied 22 April 2009

 thanks for ur tips sir 

thanks a lot ji

CA-CWA RAVI (CA-CWA in industry) (5454 Points)
Replied 22 April 2009

what an idea sir ji


Replied 22 April 2009

Thank  you Sir for your idea

Replied 22 April 2009

Thanks Sir

CA CS Bhumika Thakkar (CA,CS) (1618 Points)
Replied 22 April 2009

nice tips..

v@m$h! (CA - Final and CS - Final)   (1473 Points)
Replied 22 April 2009

most useful tips

Goongan (Student) (450 Points)
Replied 22 April 2009

Thanks it helps in my study & planning .....

Manmohan ACA, CS (Chartered Accountant ) (14243 Points)
Replied 22 April 2009


Kannan (FINANCE MANAGER,DUBAI) (88 Points)
Replied 23 April 2009

Wonderful message. thanks


Thanks Sir

Muralidharan (CA Final Student) (72 Points)
Replied 23 April 2009

I was little confused earlier, Y all those learnt are nt remembered by me in a phase of time.Now I am clear & would revise as per ur request...

Thanks a lot.........


Thank you sir. Really awesome tips.

CA Ankur Dhamanaskar (Student) (295 Points)
Replied 23 April 2009

thanks for sharing..........

Chandru,M.com,CS,CA,CWA (Company law matters) (24 Points)
Replied 23 April 2009

thanks Sir,

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