SMS Jokes on CA - Just for fun

George (Chartered Accountant) (649 Points)

29 September 2010  

 Hi friends I am sharing with you some Jokes on CA which I have received as SMS... Hope you will enjoy it



CA on his deathbed: My wife are you here?

Wife : Yes dear.

CA : My Son are you here?

Son: Yes Dad.

CA : My Articles are you here.

Articles : Yes Sir.

CA : IDIOTS …then who is there in the office?



CA Student : Make road from India to USA.

God : It is very tough ask something else.

CA Student : Make me pass CA.

God : You want single road or double road to USA?




A boy was coming to ICAI to join for CA . He found a security person in front of the institute and asked him : Will I get Job if I study  this course?

Security : Sure…..Even I had studied the same course.!!!