Smart way for scoring good mark in ISCA


08 September 2011  


Feature of ISCA

1)   This paper based on System and Audit controls which is not easy to digest.

2)   Purely technical, a lot of new terminology required to be understand. Hence, feel little bit difficult for learning, revising, and presenting practical questions at exam.

3)   Questions can be direct, though few questions can be practical oriented .

4)   Your known questions may be unknown at exam.  you may be find some difficulty with respect to  write the concepts.

Books to be referred

ICAI study materials Plus Practice manual is ideal for securing good mark.

However, for some chapters you can refer other reference book since referring module seems to be vast and wastage of more time. I have given those chapters in below manner.

ISCA chapters and reference book.

1.    SDLC   (Module is better)

2.    Information system concepts (Module is better)

3.    IT Act 2008 (Module is better)

4.    Risk assessment and methodology ( You can refer other  reference book)

5.    ERP(Module is better)

6.    BCP and DRP(Module is better)

7.    Audit test(Module is better)

8.    Control objective( You can refer other  reference book)

9.    Information system auditing standards( You can refer other  reference book)

10.                       Security policies( You can refer other  reference book)


Reference Book  :- Dinesh madan, Manish vallecha, R chandrasekar, Padhuka etc…All are precise and concise summary from ICAI modules.


How to study (This is mere suggestions and not conclusive)

  • 1.   Give same importance Just like SFM or costing etc. Your light attitude may some time will prove dangerous.
  • 2.    It is better to start preparation in the above mentioned order and suggested books. If you start with toughest segment, then, your confidence level may be decreased and your interest in studies may be hamper.
  • 3.    Try to understand the concepts behind system terminology .ICAI Module given the concepts in elaborating and explanatory manner and which surely help you to understand the concepts in more clear way. However, reference book was just precise and concise summary from module.
  • 4.    Make short notes of the concepts in your own words. This is very important for understanding the concepts in a better manner and easy revision at later stages.
  • 5.    Revise the subject in regular or periodic intervals since this subject concept is highly volatile.
  • 6.    Practice manual is very important for this subject. Study from practice manual. This will add you additional marks.
  • 7.    Learn this subject every day At least 1 hour rather than cram it in whole day. Learn slowly and study is better than cram it in whole day.
  • 8.    Present precise and concise point format in your words at exam will give some additional weigtages.
  • Wish you all the best