Small mantra for isca

CA Pallav Singhania (❤ Work Hard Party Harder ❤)   (32642 Points)

27 November 2016  

Hi Everyone,

Exams are over now...

Students who are appearing in May 2017 exams may follow this mantra for ISCA.

Its very important to read and learn the answer but its even more important to connect the answer to the right question.

In ISCA paper you may realize that you are very much familiar with the question asked but what to write? As there are lots and lots of questions which seem similar but their answers are totally different.

Its very important to read the answer as well as the question well.

Chapter 1 (Corporate and IT Governance) and Chapter 6 (Audit of IT system) have lots of similar question.

Chapter 5 (Development, Acquisition, and Implementation of IT system) seems to be big chapter but in reality its very simple and scoring.

Chapter 8 (Emerging Technology) students should give special importance to this chapter because it will fetch you good marks.


I hope you will bookmark this for reference.