Should i quit or continue ca ?need advice

sudin pdey (1 Points)

12 March 2018  

I m 25 and just cleared ipc grp1 self study & not started articleship yet.Even i have no graduation .I have messed up everything.wasted lot of time..i m feeling so much guilty,shame and angry at myself.Feeling like worth for nothing.Dont know what to do in life.By the age 29 i will be in final.Also i am not sure if i can clear final in 1st attempt.will i get god job after 30 ?.Few of my friends cleared final at age 23-24 some at finals but m still stuck in ipcc.My parents tell me to complete ca anycost but i doubting myself i. Don't know what to do .my mind is feeling so much pressure .feeling like suicide sometimes.Please advice me should i continue ?any suggestions plz do guid me.