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Shoud I leave CA

@ Anup,

First of all don't get disheartened. Look at the positive aspects:

  1. You are doing B.Com also and is already in final year so your time was not a total waste like many others wh may be doing IPCA alone and still despite their hard work have not been able to clear it in three attempts.
  2. Not being able to pass IPCC groups in three attempts is NOT that uique, it has happened for many of us. CA is a professional course and unlike BCom etc mere attempting a certain total marks does not gurantee passing as there is something called 'moderation' (nobody knows what it actually implies) and the marking is not as assured as in degree courses (many will vouch for the fact that they could not pass or got very less marks in a paper in which their attempt was best while passed in papers where they never thought they will pass! If in doubt see many posts in CAC on this truth.). So, don't think failing in three attempts means you are incapable or incompetent. It is just that your preparation was not as focussed and exam oriented as it should have been. The deficiency is still rectifiable.
  3. This time you took both the group and done OK , though you are afraid you may not pass in both. In last attempts you have already scored in the range of 131-135 with self-study. You are not totally flop in all subjects, certainly in some you must be scoring well too. So, only a few papers are there in which you need to focus more.
  4. You may not have any friends doing CA but you have all CAC members to help you. Don't say or think you have no friends doing CA, you have the whole CAClub  members many of whom are doing IPCC, many have cleared it and some are even qualified CAs. Friends are available when they are free, CAC help and advise is available to you anytime and you access them when you are free! Can you get a better reserviour of friends and resource for preparation than that it?
  5. You heart says 'you can certainly complete IPCC' , at least you have the inner self-confidence that it is doable (otherwise you would not have attempted both groups this time again). You have the parent's support in your endeavour and they are there to encourage you.

So, now you need to resolve what you want to do in next two attempts. Keeping in mind:

  1. Take a vow to clear one group at a time so that by next May  you have cleared both along with your B.Com. (even if by chance you are unable to clear any Group this time).
  2. Decide which group you wish to go for in Nov. 11 (depending on which one you are more confident). Start preparing for that Group  as you have recently studied these papers.
  3. Take a fresh look at your strategy and mode of preparation. Analyse what and where you are lacking, your weak points (theory or practical/applications), why you could not attempt required questions etc. - then tell yourself what you need to do to rectify those shortcomings. If any one is determined nothing can prove to be barrier for success. So remedy your shortcomings and fill the gap in your current level of achievment and the target - it is not an insurmountable  gap.
  4. See various IPCC threads where notes, best hints to prepare have been given. Read them and select only the ones you feel applies to you and meets your requirements. But one thing you must keep in mind prepare from the ICAI material, best books commonly suggested in various forums, RTPs and Suggested answers. Prepare better notes in papers where you have note done well.
  5. Do lot of reading and writing practice, specially covering exam oriented questions - as in CA what is more important is that you write answers which fetch marks not show your knowledge of a topic by writing everything you know on the topic. As soon as you have covered a chapter /section attempt the past and RTP questions in exam oriented manner by timing them. Then compare with suggested /model ansswers and note your deficiencies. Keep a note of your deficiencies to revise before exam.
  6. The attempts gone are gone - forget about them, only remember the lessons you have learnt in each paper from each attempt. These attempts are not wasted as you are wiser now and have the first hand knowledge  of what more is needed to overcome the small deficiency in your preparation. Revise your strategy based on that experience.
  7. From your post it is apparent that your self study is working though not fully effective in getting desired results. So, prepare a better daily timetable & schedule till November and start following it sincerely and honestly without any excuse (once you start making even valid excuses sooner or later it will be a habit and the schedule will remain unfulfilled!).  I am, personally, in favour of self preparation as long as one has a good analytic strategy and devotion still, if you feel there is some paper where you are not able to understand or grasp the fundamentals and lack the power to do practical questions based on your knowledge then go for tuition in that paper (but remember with BCom you need to plan your time mangement strategy very wisely).

Once you clear IPCC it hardly matters how many attempts you took (unless it is a first attempt CA) as you have B.Com (which will be an asset in your future career selection) to show for your achievment during the period. Age is in your favour so nothing to worry. Remember, your parents are supporting your efforts so you owe it to them and prove that you are worth their confidence by working little more intelligently and passing IPCC. So, get set and be on your mark today, don't wait for the result as you will lose precious days that way.

Best of luck.

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Suresh Prasad

Suresh Prasad (www.aubsp.com)     16 May 2011

This is a Professional Study and you should not Worried about .......!!!!!!!

First of all I would like to say that you should NOT  "get up daily around two o clock night to study daily".

Take Tution for Account and Tax Only (If Possible).


It is not material point that how much time you have given for study BUT The manner you read/learned is a Material point.

These links May Help you


Daily Study Routine

Unique Technique for Learning Theory Paper

Unique Technique For Learning Theory Paper





this happens to every CA student. never give up

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden (CS )     16 May 2011

all the best

Mamta Singh

Mamta Singh (Article assitenance )     16 May 2011

hello frnds...........

i m PCC student, & may2011 dis was my 3rd attempt n i have given only 1st grp..................

n i dnt understand how to study for PCC exam............

as like Anup i m also thinking that whether i m wasting tym here??????????

plz suggest me how to study for exam n specially theroy subject......................


mageshwari (mageshwari@caclubindia.com)     16 May 2011

Hi.... Never giveup... You can achive ..... Put more hard work....  All the best...................................................................


ANOOP (student)     16 May 2011


Hi friends many of you suggested it was wonderful....special thanks to 

Suresh sir....u have been great, u always respond for whatever I have asked.....so thanks a lot

Mygos.....thank u very much sir.....one correction m not in Bcom, my bcom got over two yrs back......

And one more thing......some of the freinds have sent me pm asking me to register for cs...I hv forgotten to mention that I am alredy a semiqualified cs and cwa....as I said I study but the only problem is it does not give me result for ca......what to do.....


make  a list.. do them revise rerevise and give ezam. u will pass... give more shots to it !!


ABHINANDAN JAIN (CA Student)     16 May 2011

@ Anup

aise samjho ki ab past itself has become past,

You should strt from very begining with fresh mind and try to cover every topic of every subject and try to understand the main concept behind that.

 u should be self focussed and u should take tutions for imp subject like accts , tax.

You have to believ in ur self that i will not only study for passing but also for rank.

Nothing is impossible if u start beleiving the dream which u want to come true.

If u just given ur exam, they take rest atleast for a week and start studying forgetting the past


bye take care


vikas (ca final)     17 May 2011

@ /Mamta

hi,time spend in studying, never goes waste. Result wil be there, may be earlier or late. Dont forget that '' longer the time, more sweatness of the fruit''  

CA is a exams in which you should know the art of the reading, understanding and learing. yes, this is the game of trick, if you  know these above arts and tricks , no one can have dare to stop you from clearing the this momoth exam. Most of us just follow the same style of study as we did or doing in the 12th standard or the graduation. Hold on , thats the mistake we are making here. This is not 12 th standard or even gratuation level exam. the difference between 12 th standard or gratuation level and Dangerous ca exam is that syllabus of the 12 th standard or graduation level exams was the tip of the mountain but  ca exams syllabus is the mountain itself. 

Mistakes we do  make!!!!!!!!!!

1 .try to mug up the answers.

2 .never thought what we are reading ???????

3. dont go in the deep of each topic???????

4. dont use ''if  or not annalysis''??????????

5. dont try to learn the art of writing answer?????????



advise from my side !!!!!!!!!!1

1. you should know what you are reading. 

2. dont mug up the topic, just have the knowledge from the topic ......just try what they are trying to tell you ...........

3. read line by line and say it in hindi language, if you have understood the line or paragragh.

4. practical question should be solved on your calci, means read the queston and solve it mentally with the help of  calci. 

5. we should understand the concept thoroughly.

6. BOOKS are much better than coaching.read module of icai.





with regard


ca final


CA Miss Naamah

CA Miss Naamah (N H R & Associates)     19 May 2011

@ Anup... i feel you are too much stressed out. You are semi qualified, CS and also CWA... Focusing on 3 professional courses at a time, might be the problem.... You might think, that this (suppose company law) i have done in CS, so you may not concentrate fully on that subject... I may be wrong... One more thing, it is not possible to do everything at one time.... give a break, then start something new, then again take a break, then start.... Continuous exams... may... then june... Sorry, if my comment was disturbing. To be honest, I cant manage more than one exam period... sorry again...

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma (Student + A.M.- Finance)     19 May 2011

I also agreed with Miss Naamah

Zindagi ki asli udan abhi baaki hai,
Hamare iradon ka imtihaan abhi baaki hai,
Abhi to naapi hai kuch muthi bhar zamin,
Aage to saara Aaasman abhi baaki hai.



"The Magic of Master Thought."
Nothing fails like Failure Thinking
& Nothing succeds like Success Thinking

Ritesh Indian Son[CMA*CS*CA]

Ritesh Indian Son[CMA*CS*CA] (" Simple Living High Thinking ")     19 May 2011

First of all toh just forget everything , means d negative things n all like d past xams attmpts or d pst xams marks n all...... just think dat u r best n u can do nythng n r going to be a future " FCA " . Well we should always think positive in ny situatn whtevr be d situatn, just think u r going to do by nyhow means by ur own hard work nly.........so frm now onwrds u r going to strt ur stdy with fresh mind n positive approach okk........n just listen nly one sound n one word dat is non other dan d word .........CA..........which is our life......:)


Ritesh Khemka...:)

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