Service Tax Liability and rates

Vikram (CA) (75 Points)

14 May 2009  
I would like to know at what point the ST liability arises to a deductor
(1) Is it on receipt of the money from the vendor on which the Inv was raised?
(2)  Is it based on accrual concept ?- meaning the liabilty arises on the date of raising the invoice
Another clarification,
You must be aware that the rate has been reduced from 12.36% to 10.30% from February 24,2009. My doubt is how do you reckon the application of the 2 rates
(1) Is it based on the work done for a particular month (ie rendering of service). Eg Work done on or before 24/2 to be applied at 12.36% and after that at 10.3%
(2) The remittance date of ST to Govt...
(3) Date of raising invoice? In this case, Suppose Invoice pertaining to february is raised only in April? What is the rate to be applied?